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The Journey Toward Energy Choice in Ohio

For almost 100 years, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) was responsible for regulating energy companies that provided electricity and natural gas to Ohio residents and business owners. However, for more than a decade now, most Ohioans have energy choice when choosing an energy supplier and shopping around for Ohio electric rates and natural gas rates on supply. With Ohio energy choice, customers can find the right supplier based on factors such as reliable customer service, competitive rates, innovative product offerings and more. Even when you choose a different energy supplier, keep in mind that your local utility will still deliver electricity and natural gas supply to your home or business.

Do utility companies support Ohio electric and natural gas competition?

Whether you live in a large Ohio city, such as Cleveland, Cincinnati or Columbus, or a small township, your utility company might allow you to shop around for competitive Ohio electric rates and natural gas rates on supply! Retail suppliers are all certified by PUCO, so you know you'll find a reliable company while exercising your energy choice. Currently, there are four electric utilities and four natural gas utilities supporting residents who utilize the power to choose a plan from competitive gas and electric companies in Ohio.

Utility companies encouraging Ohio electric choice:

Utility companies offering Ohio natural gas choice:

If you live or own a business in one of the service areas of the above listed utility companies, you have the opportunity to compare apples to apples Ohio electric and natural gas supply rates. An apples to apples comparison tool can help you find a plan to fit the needs of your home or business. To explore your options from some of the leading competitive gas and electric companies in Ohio, enter your ZIP code. With our simple comparison tool, you'll be able to view and compare leading Ohio energy companies in your area along with supply rates and contract terms.

Why it's important to shop among Ohio energy companies

According to Energy Choice Ohio, about 2.4 million Ohio electric customers and 1.7 million natural gas customers are exercising their power to choose a retail energy supplier. When residents and business owners shop among Ohio energy companies, they might look for certain values in a retail energy supplier. Energy consumers should be sure to examine contract length, customer incentives, additional services and competitive Ohio electric rates and gas rates on supply.

Some Ohio retail energy suppliers offer consumers a secured-rate supply plan or a variable-rate supply plan. With a secured rate, you can protect your household or business from monthly changes to your energy supply rates. Even when there are changes within the energy industry, you'll still pay the same amount each month. With this supply plan, you have the opportunity to better budget your monthly funds. On the other hand, a variable supply rate can change monthly in response to the energy market. Because of the energy industry's unpredictability, you might pay a higher rate one month and a lower rate the next.

Before you choose a competitive retail energy supplier, be sure to research your options. The following list includes gas and electric companies in Ohio that could potentially supply energy for your home or business.

Competitive energy companies in Ohio:

Contact information for your Ohio utility

In the event of an emergency such as an outage, leak or customer service, you'll want to immediately contact your utility and not your retail energy supplier. Use the following information below to contact your utility.


American Electric Power (AEP)


Duke Energy Ohio

Report an electricity problem: 1-800-543-5599
General inquiries: 1-800-544-6900

Dayton Power and Light

Report a power outage: 1-877-468-8243
Customer service (residential): 1-800-433-8500
Customer service (business): 1-800-253-5801


Report a power outage: 1-888-544-4877
Ohio Edison: 1-800-633-4766
The Illuminating Company: 1-800-589-3101
Toledo Edison: 1-800-447-3333

Natural Gas

Columbia Gas of Ohio


Dominion East Ohio

Report a gas emergency: 1-877-542-2630
Customer service: 1-800-362-7557

Duke Energy Ohio

Report a gas emergency: 1-800-634-4300
Customer service: 1-800-544-6900

Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio


Updated: 9-22-15.

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