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In 2014, Money Magazine ranked Mansfield 17th as one of the best places to live in the country. Located within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the city has clearly shown commitment to its community's well-being. From its beginnings about 125 years ago, Mansfield has come a long way. Now, the city's 62,000 locals have options when it comes to the different parks, festivals and restaurants around the area.

However, those aren't the only options community members have. Residents and business owners in deregulated areas have the ability to choose from energy providers in Mansfield, TX. Better known as retail electric providers (REPs), these companies offer Mansfield electric supply plans that meet the needs of different locations, building sizes and consumption requirements. Get started today and find Texas energy rates and offers available in your area.

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As customers search among a variety of Mansfield electric plans, it's important for them to understand any differences in supply plans. Most REPs offer energy consumers variable-rate plans and price-secured rate plans. A variable rate gives customers flexibility from month-to-month. The supply rate changes as the energy market's demand increases or decreases. Therefore, consumers might find they can't anticipate or budget for their home's energy bill. A price-secured rate provides customers with more reliability in that they'll pay the same price per kWh during the energy contract's length. A more stable Mansfield electric plan could help a consumer set aside funds for their monthly energy bill.

In addition, energy providers in Mansfield, TX, might offer renewable energy options to its potential customers. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, renewable energy makes up less than 20 percent of Texas' overall energy production. However, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) explains that Texas is one of the leading states in wind energy production. Choosing a green option from one of the energy providers in Mansfield, TX, can make a positive impact on the state's sustainability future. By making even the smallest environmental efforts, Texas can work toward becoming more energy efficient in both residential and commercial settings. It's also important to know that some Mansfield electric options offer customers 100% renewable energy while some offer increments up to 100% renewable energy that may be easier on the budget.

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As a Texas energy consumer, you should take advantage of energy choice to find the best Mansfield electric offer for your home or business. With the help of SaveOnEnergy.com®, you have the opportunity to find Mansfield electric supply rates specific to your community. The comparison process can be quite difficult when you're faced with multiple choices. Remember to shop for more than just the best supply rate out there. Find a REP that cares for its customers and the communities it serves.

If you have any questions along the way, please call us today! One of our energy experts can guide you toward the leading energy providers in Mansfield, TX.

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Updated: 11-9-15.

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