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Pflugerville electricity rates are as plentiful as the events the city hosts annually. Rated one of the best places to live by Money Magazine in 2014, Pflugerville has a lot to offer. The Deutschen Pfest, Spring Pfling, Pfarmers Market and Pfall Pfest Craft Show are just a few of the activities that the city has to offer. In addition, residents get to choose their electric companies in Pflugerville, only adding to the city's entrepreneurial spirit.

The ability to choose an electricity provider came to be in the early 2000s when Texas opted to deregulate its electric energy market. Not all cities or areas participate though. Nearby Austin is one of a few exceptions. Austin runs a city-owned utility and residents don't get to shop electricity providers. Living outside Austin city limits in a city like Pflugerville, though, gives consumers the power to choose - an advantage that capital city residents do not have.

Electric companies in Pflugerville have many supply plans available for residents and businesses, and you can find these options on SaveOnEnergy.com®. Locate your ZIP code below and see what supply plans this city has to offer.

Please note: the following rates were published and are accurate as of 8/30/2017 at 5:010 PM for ZIP code 78660. Rates may have changed since this date/time. For the most up-to-date rates in your area, please enter your ZIP code above.

Pflugerville Electricity Rates

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
Frontier UtilitiesStraight Power 12 ON 12 months $0.063/ kWh
TXU Energy Smart Deal 12 12 months $0.075/ kWh
Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 12 months $0.079/ kWh
4Change Budget Saver 12 12 months $0.065/ kWh
Frontier Utilities Straight Power 24 ON 24 months $0.068/ kWh
Pennywise Power Wise Buy Conserve Plus 12 12 months $0.070/ kWh
4Change Eco Saver 12 12 months $0.073/ kWh
Frontier Utilities Light Saver 6+ 6 months $0.076/ kWh
Bounce Energy Terrific 12 12 months $0.080/ kWh
Spark Energy Sure Saver 12 12 months $0.081/ kWh
Green Mountain Pollution Free e-Plus 12 Preferred 12 months $0.089/ kWh
Champion Energy Champ Saver-12 12 months $0.079/ kWh

Discover energy plans from electric companies in Pflugerville

For consumers in Pflugerville, electricity rates may seem endless. First, you need to determine what you want in a plan. Many electric companies in Pflugerville offer plans that feature rewards programs, referral programs and renewable energy credits. Be sure to look out for these options when shopping.

Second, you need to figure out what plan type is best for you. Pflugerville electricity rates have two main formats: variable rate and fixed rate. A variable-rate supply plan has a rate per kilowatt hour (kWh) that changes from month to month. Residents who choose variable-rate supply plans are able to take advantage of market price lows, but will pay an increased rate when the market price rises. Fixed-rate supply plans have a consistent price per kWh every month for an agreed term.

Once you understand Pflugerville electricity rates' price structure, plan types, and other features you want in a supply plan, it's time to shop electricity providers.

How energy choice works

Energy choice separated supply and delivery from investor-owned utilities. Consumers have the ability to choose who provides their electricity and can select Pflugerville electricity rates through the energy marketplace. Utilities deliver electricity purchased from providers to consumers. However, consumers do not choose their utility.

Pflugerville is located in the Oncor utility service area, and therefore receives electricity from Oncor power lines and infrastructure. No matter what supply plan you choose when you shop electricity providers, your utility will remain the same. In addition, if there is ever a loss of power or damage to power lines near your or in your area, contact Oncor, not your chosen electricity provider, immediately to report the issue.

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