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Atlanta Gas Light Company: A Natural Gas Utility

Atlanta Gas Light Company has more than 150 years of expertise, having been founded in 1856. Also called Atlanta Gas Light, the business got its start installing gas streetlights in Atlanta. Today the company is the largest natural gas distributor in the Southeast, with more than 1.5 million customers throughout Georgia. These consumers are found in more than 200 counties.

Atlanta Gas Light is a utility and not a gas marketer. Utilities control the shipment of natural gas from generation facilities to end users in homes and businesses. Your Atlanta natural gas utility also maintains the gas pipes for delivering natural gas. If you experience a problem with your flow of natural gas, call your utility. You should also call if you smell gas or suspect a gas leak.

How to shop Atlanta gas prices

While your Atlanta natural gas utility takes care of your gas service, you purchase the gas supply itself from a marketer. Georgia has a deregulated, or competitive, natural gas supply market. A competitive market means you don't pay your utility for your gas supply. Instead, you must shop Atlanta gas prices from marketers. These companies offer a wide variety of natural gas supply plans. Pick the plan that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

You can browse Georgia marketers and available Atlanta gas prices for supply here on®. This site serves as a marketplace for consumers who want to find quality energy supply plans from reputable Atlanta natural gas marketers. Simply enter your ZIP code to find plans available in your neighborhood.

While browsing Atlanta natural gas supply plans, you might find different types of supply rates. Many marketers offer fixed Atlanta gas prices as well as variable Atlanta gas prices. Fixed supply rates remain the same for the duration of your service contract. Variable Atlanta natural gas supply rates might change if there's an increase or decrease in the market price of natural gas.® can also help you find different service terms. Month-to-month contracts might be available in your area, but you might prefer a longer commitment with a yearlong or longer contract. Simply pick the Atlanta natural gas supply plan that makes the most sense for your family. Atlanta Gas Light will work with your chosen marketer to establish billing and encourages you to find the energy supply plan that best suits you.

Important information about Atlanta Gas Light Company

  • Area served: Georgia
  • Emergency phone number: 877-427-4321
Updated: 7-17-15