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Get to Know Brilliant Energy

  • Headquarters: Houston
  • Founded: 2007
  • Markets served: Texas
  • Learn about Brilliant Energy's community involvement.

Brilliant Energy is a competitive retail electricity provider based out of Houston. The company has served Texans since 2007 and offers competitive rates, customer service and information to help customers understand how electricity works and how the industry operates.

Brilliant Energy embraced deregulation

Brilliant Energy entered the electricity marketplace five years after a majority of Texas became deregulated. Many major cities such as Houston and Dallas began offering consumers the power to choose a retail electricity provider for electricity supply. Prior to deregulation, local transmission and distribution service providers handled all aspects of electricity -- from generation to delivery. Now, a retail electricity provider handles electricity supply in deregulated areas.

Dallas or Houston electricity is available from several retail electricity providers. In these deregulated cities a number of retail electric providers offer competitive Texas electricity rates and supply plans.

Brilliant Energy options

Brilliant Energy is likely only one of a long list of potential options in Texas. As a retail electricity provider, it offers different plan options. Depending on where a consumer is looking for service, the company may offer plans from 6 months to 36 months, green energy and Brilliant Petlovers plans.

Brilliant PetLovers

Brilliant Energy proclaims itself a company full of pet lovers. One of the company's initiatives toward improving the community is helping animals in local shelters. Brilliant Petlovers is a project that helps reduce the number of animals in such shelters by contributing funds to help feed the animals, provide medical assistance and help with adoption and foster care expenses.

According to the company website, customers who enroll in a one-year plan directly help animals in shelters for four months. To date, the company has donated more than $1,500.

Stay connected to the TDSP

Although Houston, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth and Dallas electricity is deregulated, consumers in these cities are still connected to their local transmission and distribution service provider. TDSPs maintain the power lines around Texas and are in charge of transmitting electricity through the grid to consumers.

No matter which retail electric provider a consumer chooses for electricity, the TDSP doesn't change and neither does service. Any consumers who experience electrical emergencies such as power outages should contact their TDSP for immediate assistance.


Updated: 7-23-15.