Cirro Energy

  • Headquarters: Plano, TX
  • Cirro EnergyFounded: 2001
  • An NRG Energy company
  • Markets served: Texas
  • Cirro Energy donates and volunteers in its home state. Learn more.
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Cirro Energy brings a smarter approach to electricity service. Cirro Energy is a subsidiary of NRG, the largest competitive power generator in the U.S. With Cirro Energy and NRG, you'll enjoy outstanding service and savings plus the peace of mind that comes with a parent company serving more than 1.9 million Texans.

Find Cirro electricity for residential customers

If you want Cirro Energy in Houston or Dallas or any other city in a deregulated regions of Texas, you can find a variety fixed-rate and green energy products.

One of the often unsung benefits of selecting fixed-rate Cirro electric plans is the additional stability they can offer when it comes to planning your family's budget. After all, when you know that you'll be paying the same rate for each kilowatt of electricity each month of your contract, it's easier to predict what your electricity bill will be from month to month. These Cirro electric plans come with contract lengths ranging from three months to three years, so you can choose the length that works best for your family's situation.

If you're interested in renewable energy, choosing a Cirro electricity plan also affords you the option of choosing to purchase electricity generated from a green source — wind. In fact, Cirro's green plan is sourced 100 percent from wind power generated right here in Texas. That's smart for the state's economy and our environment.

Another plan Cirro offers includes protection for your appliances and electronics against power surges. A surge may happen when there's lightning or an issue with the power grid, and all it takes is one occurrence to damage your expensive computer or television.

Plus, paying your Cirro Energy bills is easy with options such as automatic bill pay and no-fee credit card payments. Cirro Energy in Texas makes it easy to manage your bills with bill alerts as well as online and mobile account access.

Cirro Energy rates are available for business customers, too

Cirro electricity is offered to both commercial and residential customers in Texas. With a Cirro electric business plan, you get real-time pricing with fixed rates, green energy options and the ability to set your contract to start at the rate that works for you. You also have access to a variety of billing and payment options, including no-fee Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card payments, so your business has ultimate flexibility. You can visit to find a Cirro Energy phone number to learn more.

Before you settle on a plan from Cirro Energy, enter your ZIP code above to compare rates from a variety of reputable providers in your area. Let help you find the best rate for you!