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Women in Business Spotlight: Marcy Miller

Margaret Smith | Apr 21, 2017

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from and how it's produced?

Read More

April Company Spotlight: 100% Pure

Celeste Fondeur | Apr 14, 2017

When you consider that 60 percent of your skincare routine is absorbed by your skin, it might be worthwhile to incorporate natural ingredients into your regimen. Read More

Women in Business Spotlight: Adair Mueller

Margaret Smith | Mar 31, 2017

You may have visited food halls in famous markets of Paris, Florence and London, but now they're sweeping across the U.S. Read More

How Will Sustainability Fare Under Ride-Sharing Trends?

Barry Bridges | Mar 24, 2017

Decades ago, companies such as Yellow Cab and Checker Taxi formed manufacturing subsidiaries so they could build their own customized taxicabs. Read More

March Company Spotlight: Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Jordan Craven | Mar 10, 2017

"Do Good. Relax." That's the motto for Yellow Leaf Hammocks, a mission-driven brand that offers beautiful hand-woven, customizable hammocks while cultivating long-term economic health, environmental stewardship and social equity for marginalized ethnic groups. Read More

February Company Spotlight: Farm Dog Naturals

Margaret Smith | Feb 24, 2017

"Dogs are people, too" seems to be a core belief at Farm Dog Naturals, a company dedicated to creating ethically sourced, herbal remedies for dogs. Read More

Women in Business Spotlight: Maria Uspenski

Margaret Smith | Feb 17, 2017

Highlighting green businesses around the nation Second to water, tea is the most commonly consumed beverage across the globe. Read More

Make Healthy Choices for American Heart Month

Margaret Smith | Feb 3, 2017

February is a month known for celebrating love, but it's also for raising awareness about heart health and heart disease. Read More

Women in Business Spotlight: Tara Onufrak

Margaret Smith | Jan 20, 2017

The Charlotte Area NC Air Awareness program works with an eight-county region to encourage lifestyle changes that help improve air quality and reduce harmful emissions. Read More

January Company Spotlight: Alaska Glacial Mud Co.

Shelly White | Jan 13, 2017

Located deep in the wilderness of Southcentral Alaska, on the bank of the Copper River, lies an ancient – and until recently, underappreciated – beauty secret. Read More

Women in Business Spotlight: Rebeca Krones

Margaret Smith | Dec 23, 2016

Highlighting green businesses around the nation Tropical Traders Specialty Foods is a family-based business that produces raw, certified-organic honey under two brands: Royal Hawaiian Honey and Bee Well Honey. Read More

December Company Spotlight: Vital Farms

Jordan Craven | Dec 2, 2016

Learn more about this network of independent, family-owned farms that offers pasture-raised products. Read More

Is It Cheaper to Make Your Own Bread?

Heather Bailey | Nov 18, 2016

It's considerably cheaper to make your own bread than to buy it, if you're comparing similar types of loaves. Read More

November Company Spotlight: R. Riveter

Margaret Smith | Nov 11, 2016

In honor of Veterans Day, we're highlighting R. Read More

Women in Business Spotlight: Liz Forkin Bohannon

Margaret Smith | Oct 14, 2016

Highlighting green businesses around the nation Sseko Designs has a mission to educate and empower women and share the importance of buying better, not more. Read More

October Company Spotlight: Bixbee

Margaret Smith | Oct 7, 2016

Bixbee backpacks are more than just a stylish way to carry around school supplies. Read More

Apple Stays Green With New iPhone Release

Margaret Smith | Sep 30, 2016

In early September, Apple released its two most updated smartphone models: the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Read More

September Company Spotlight: tentree

Elizabeth Segarra | Sep 16, 2016

Clothing manufacturing has a bad rap when it comes to environmental damage, but tentree is changing the game. Read More

Solar Impulse Completes a Clean Flight

Margaret Smith | Sep 9, 2016

Solar Impulse is changing the way we think about aviation and use solar-powered technology. Read More

Piezoelectric Roads Coming to California

Jordan Craven | Sep 2, 2016

Renewable energy generation is increasing in popularity, with about 13 percent of electricity generation coming from renewable sources in 2015. Read More

Unexpected Health Benefits From Playing Pokémon Go

Margaret Smith | Aug 26, 2016

Pokémon Go is one of the most recent and wildly popular smartphone apps, reaching roughly 7 million United States downloaders since its launch on July 5. Read More