Give the Earth – and yourself – some TLC with all-natural, essential oil-infused products from these top eco-friendly beauty brands. We’ve highlighted 10 of our favorite companies that hold themselves to the highest environmental and ethical standards. So add some Earth-loving items to your beauty routine!

What’s this have to do with energy? Plenty. Using resources wisely across the board demonstrates a commitment to conservation – including using less energy and producing fewer greenhouse gases.

Check out the following companies and products:


Handmade and ethically sourced, Lush has been at the forefront of the eco-friendly, cruelty-free beauty scene since its start in 1995. What began as a tiny shop in Dorset, England, has grown into a world-wide market of environmentally conscious beauty products with a cult-like following.

Lush is constantly growing, so you can probably find a shop or spa near you. From uber-popular bath bombs to shampoo bars and beyond, Lush is sure to have a fix for any beauty needs. And its “naked” packaging is a great for the environment (and your conscience)!



A woman from Washington and a man from West Africa meet in the Peace Corps in 1996. They fall in love, and the rest – as they say – is history … if history means the building of one of the most successful fair trade natural beauty brands in the world: Alaffia. While natural and safe beauty products are its business, Alaffia’s true mission is empowerment.

The fair-trade company, which obtains many of their ingredients from Africa, strives to give back to the African continent through maternal care projects, education projects, reforestation efforts and more. Alaffia’s products range from bubble baths and balms to baby-safe shampoos and woven African baskets, so there’s something for everyone.



AHAVA brings the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea to your home with good-for-you beauty products that have gained an international following. Pulling back the curtain of the ancient and mystical “Yam HaMelach,” AHAVA is dedicated to delivering natural beauty products like mud masks and body scrubs from Israel to those beyond the Dead Sea’s shores.

Ahava, which means “love” in Hebrew, is at the core of this company; AHAVA Loves is dedicated to bringing life back to the struggling Dead Sea region through education, art and environmental restoration.


Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals can only be described as simply indulgent. Started by a husband and wife team in a Seattle kitchen, Herbivore Botanicals uses luxurious ingredients in unpretentious recipes so you can feel every drop of jasmine oil or spritz of rosewater actively working toward your glowing skin.

Every product is ethically-sourced, 100% vegan, Leaping Bunny Certified (and totally Instagram-worthy)! Check the Herbivore Botanicals website for local boutiques that carry its products near you.


Olivine Atelier

At Olivine, founder Julie’s goal always has been to inspire self love. What began as a fledgling perfume oil company has grown to include a full spectrum of beauty and self-care products – all vegan and cruelty-free. Visitors to the Olivine website find an array of unique items among the more common lotions and hair mists; sage wands, chakra ritual oils and crystals are some of Olivine’s special pieces to promote healing and personal care.

If Julie’s message and products aren’t enough to make you a believer, she also dedicates 5% of every purchase to Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization that works to make childbirth and pregnancy safe for mothers all over the world.


The Honest Company

Actor Jessica Alba founded the Honest Company in 2011 to bring safe and effective care products to families everywhere. You may be familiar with the its huge selection of affordable baby products like nonchlorine diapers and fragrance-free wipes, but the Honest Company has – and does – so much more.

Besides for great Mommy balms and vitamins, the Honest Company is dedicated to giving back to the community and the environment through partnerships with Baby2Baby, the Wayfarer Foundation and Green-e Renewable Energy Certificates.

Disclaimer: There has been criticism over the company’s claims. Be your own judge.


John Masters Organics

“Guilt-free luxury” is practically a proverb for John Masters, who has been producing and perfecting his John Masters Organics haircare line since 1991. Early on in his stylist career, Masters realized the serious hazards posed by inhaling and handling toxic chemicals all day in a salon. Through partnerships with local harvesters, a commitment to environmentally-friendly ingredients and 100% recyclable packaging,

John Masters Organics seeks to raise the standards of salon-caliber hair products and help the Earth at the same time.


Yarok Hair

With a brand name like Yarok, which translates to “green” in Hebrew, you can be sure that Israeli-born Mordechai Alvow’s renowned line of haircare products use natural ingredients that are ethically-sourced. After years working as a hairstylist-to-the-stars in New York City, Alvow decided to create his own haircare line that would outperform any toxin-filled product on the market.

The company says every treatment, from shampoos and masques to hairsprays and cremes, is formulated exclusively from organic, responsibly-harvested plants and botanicals. After decades of chemical-only options, Yarok’s mission is to bring healthy products to your hometown hair salon.



Hairstylist Garrett Markenson was unhappy with the thousands of chemical-filled products used in his industry, so he created a hair care line that is both natural and revolutionary: Reverie. Beloved by celebrity stylists everywhere, Reverie is an organic, cruelty-free, Fair Trade, EcoCert brand that packs natural ingredients and exotic botanicals into every product.

Reverie’s maxim is “haircare reimagined”, a phrase that Markenson relates to the products themselves and the way they’re created. Reverie sources its ingredients from small family farms across the globe; by supporting these native businesses, Reverie ensures that the families can persevere and grow through the future.


Josie Maran Cosmetics

Use Josie Maran Cosmetics to help save the planet – and look good doing it. The company’s key ingredient, 100% Argan oil, can be found in almost every mascara, color stick and butter balm it sells. However, high-quality products are only half of this cosmetic giant’s purpose; Josie Maran’s motto is “luxury with a conscience”, which she practices every day through her company’s many philanthropic efforts.

All of the Argan oil comes from all-female co-ops in Morocco, which supplies rural women with steady incomes and educations. These co-ops are also partner with the Argan foresters to ensure that this valuable natural resource is protected and reforested, preserving the environment for future generations.

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