Shopping for the holidays can become a pain, especially when you're looking for environmentally friendly gifts that are neat but don't break the bank. Thankfully, your friends at® spend a lot of time researching green energy and energy saving tips, so we come across tons of eco-friendly products that can make great gifts for your friends and family, as well as Mother Nature. Here are the team's picks for the 2015 holiday season.


Photo courtesy of Soaptopia

Soaptopia Bath Products

There's nothing like taking a relaxing bath after a long day. With Soaptopia's natural products such as bath salts, artisan soaps and body balm, you can soak and groom in eco-friendly bliss. With fragrances such as lavender, rose, eucalyptus, vanilla and orange, there's something for everyone to enjoy. And Soaptopia doesn't exclude the well-groomed man, either. There are kits especially designed for the men in your life. There are even special holiday gift packs that offer a variety of products for your loved ones.  Give the gift of relaxation with Soaptopia's eco-friendly bath products! – Jenny Lou Bement


Photo courtesy of Eartheasy

The AquaFarm

As a proud owner of two beautiful Betta fish, I think the AquaFarm fish tank would be a great eco-friendly gift for anyone looking for an aquatic friend and fresh herbs and greens. The AquaFarm’s ability to pump natural waste to grow the plants is fantastic and would help cut down on the chore of cleaning your fish tank. – Taylor Jones


Photo courtesy of Eartheasy

Eartheasy Beeswax Pinecone Candles

Eartheasy aims to help people improve their quality of life by offering information and products for sustainable living. The Beeswax Pinecone Candles from Eartheasy are a handcrafted, festive decoration for the holiday season. One candle can stand on its own, or you can arrange a set of them for an elegant centerpiece display. These candles have a light honey scent, and the wicks are made from 100% cotton. They make a perfect gift for teachers, family, friends or for yourself! – Elizabeth Segarra

Optimized-Recycled Jewelry

Photo courtesy of Novica

Recycled Jewelry found on Novica

A lot of recycled goods look, well, recycled. But Novica’s recycled jewelry is truly handcrafted art. From chunky and unique to sleek and stunning, the earrings, necklaces and bracelets feature beads made from recycled glass, plastic bottles and vinyl records. I love these dangle earrings made with stacks of little discs cut from a variety of plastic sources. Knowing the plastics in my recycling bin can be made into something this beautiful is comforting! – Heather Bailey

Optimized-Broadways Indoor Fireplace

Photo courtesy of Lux&Eco

Lux&Eco's Broadway Indoor Fireplace

Having the chance to sit around a fire is one of my favorite things about winter. Unfortunately, apartment living doesn’t often include this luxury. Lux&Eco's Broadway Indoor Fireplace would be a perfect gift to enjoy on a cold night when the weather is cold and I don't want to crank up my thermostat and waste energy! – Brianna Therkelsen

Optimized-Coconut Sculpture

Photo courtesy of Novica

Coconut Sculpture Found On Novica

The coconut shell sculptures, available on Novica, would be the perfect gift for anyone looking for a unique and eco-friendly decoration to add to their home or office space. Their colors are rich and each design is one-of-a-kind, making for a gorgeous, versatile conversation piece. – Kelly Laynor

Optimized-Bluetooth Speakers

Photo courtesy of Eartheasy

Vers' 2Q Bluetooth Stereo Sound System

Bluetooth speakers have become a part of my daily life. They are a perfect option for listening to music while eating dinner or having a party on the patio. These indoor/outdoor stereo sound speakers by Vers have a handcrafted wood cabinet that is not only functional and eco-friendly, but also very stylish. – Rob Mitchell



Recycled Bike Tube Franklin Bi-Fold Wallet

Photo courtesy of UncommonGoods

Now, I’m no Lance Armstrong but this wallet is awesome! It’s nicely slim and the recycled inner tube is sturdy enough to keep form while soft enough to not feel like you’re sitting on a rock. Plus, it's handmade in Seattle with materials from local bike shops. This is a great gift for anyone. In fact, I’ve already purchased one for myself! - David Griffin


Photo courtesy of Wonderbag

Wonderbag Slow Cooker

I'm a big fan of the simplicity of slow cookers – fix it and forget it until it's time to eat. The only downfall is they require hours of energy consumption. The Wonderbag is the best of both worlds. It allows you to boil a meal, insert it in the Wonderbag and slow cook it with no energy required. Not only is this product eco-friendly, for every Wonderbag purchased in North America, the company donates one to a family in Africa. Save energy and help those in need? Sounds like the perfect Christmas present to me! – Janiece Allison


Image courtesy of Olivine Atelier

Olivine Atelier Perfume

Olivine Atelier has a unique variety of scented perfumes, lotions and body mists to choose from. The best part about them? The company’s site explains how all products are vegan and cruelty free! If you’re unsure what scent your friend or loved one will enjoy most, Olivine Atelier offers perfume sample sets. I always have trouble finding the perfect perfume scent for my mom, so the sample set is a great gift to add to her stocking this year! - Margaret Smith

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