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Top states for wind energy

Gabriella Itzler | Jun 13, 2018

Many states are positioning themselves as wind energy champions, while others have been slower to shift energy production to this renewable powerhouse.

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Give Green with These SaveOnEnergy Staff Picks

The Team | Nov 19, 2014

At, we spend a lot of time researching green energy and learning how to save energy and money. Read More

Queens University of Charlotte Student Wins SaveOnEnergy Education Scholarship

The Team | Nov 14, 2014 is happy to announce Perrin Thompson of Queens University of Charlotte, N.C., as the recipient of our 2014 Education Scholarship. Read More

Solving the Mystery of the Polar Vortex

Tyler Rice | Nov 13, 2014

It started in the dying days of January 2014. Read More

Lessons Learned from Last Year's Polar Vortex and How to Prepare Now

Tara Copeland | Nov 10, 2014

Winter hasn't even officially begun, and residents in the central and eastern United States are already staring down the barrel of another polar vortex. Read More

Commerce Energy Boasts Lowest Variable Rate on Georgia Natural Gas

Tara Copeland | Oct 24, 2014

Georgia natural gas consumers looking for a great variable rate can find it with Commerce Energy. Read More

What You Can Do Now to Keep Winter Heating Costs Down

Heather Bailey | Oct 7, 2014

More utilities are announcing that they're raising electricity supply rates in anticipation of another bone-chilling winter in the Northeast. Read More

MA Utility Rates Expected to Skyrocket

Heather Bailey | Sep 26, 2014

National Grid in Massachusetts, one of the state's largest utilities, recently announced it is seeking a 37% rate hike starting November 1 to cover the cost of electricity for the coming winter. Read More

Power Outage Delivers Big Economic Hit to Detroit

The Team | Aug 1, 2014

Detroit saw a massive power outage on Sunday, July 27, 2014. Read More

New Transmission Line Could Spread Texas Wind Energy to More States

Brittany Williams | Jul 11, 2014

A new transmission line, proposed by Pattern Energy, could help Texas share its vast energy resources with states in the East. Read More

Wind Energy Helping to Keep Electricity Costs Low in Texas

Brittany Williams | Jun 20, 2014

Texas' expansive wind energy industry is doing more than providing clean power; it's also keeping the cost of electricity affordable during summer months. Read More

The Reality Behind Today's War On Coal

Patrick McCaully | Apr 25, 2014

Parts of the news media have been crying out that there's been a war on coal in the United States for years now, but as new restrictions from the federal EPA, Congress and the executive branch are looking more and more like a reality, it's time to take a closer look at the future for the coal ... Read More

Natural Gas Boom Is Tempting to Railroad Companies

Graham Shorr | Apr 18, 2014

As the natural gas boom continues in the United States, more industries are looking at the fuel's newfound abundance as a way to lower costs. Read More

UN Report: Switching to Clean Energy is Affordable and Necessary

Brittany Williams | Apr 14, 2014

In a landmark report released April 13, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found that abandoning fossil fuel-generated energy in favor of cleaner resources would have minimal impact on the global economy. Read More

A Brief History of Deregulation in Pennsylvania

Patrick McCaully | Apr 11, 2014

While not necessarily the most riveting story in Pennsylvania's rich history, the deregulation of the energy market is an important aspect of the state's history in part because Pennsylvania was one of the first states to encourage competition between energy companies.  The process began in ... Read More

Why the Texas Wind Energy Generation Record Matters

Patrick McCaully | Apr 9, 2014

The plains of West Texas have long been known for the wind farms sprouting up there, but last week those facilities collectively hit a new milestone. Read More

Illinois Gas Rates Spike, Double What They Were Last Year

Brittany Williams | Apr 4, 2014

Illinois residents have started to see double-digit rate spikes on their heating bills. Read More

More Sharyland Utilities Customers Gain Power to Choose

Heather Bailey | Mar 19, 2014

Starting May 1, Sharyland Utilities customers in the service areas of Brady, Celeste, Colorado City and Stanton will no longer receive their electricity supply from the utility. Read More

Last Chance to Get Federal Tax Credits for Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Brittany Williams | Feb 5, 2014

If you made any energy efficient improvements in the last year, this tax season may be your last opportunity to take advantage of federal tax credits. Read More

Industry Leaders Debate Exporting Oil

Graham Shorr | Jan 24, 2014

The United States has long been able to export coal, gasoline and natural gas, but now U.S. Read More

U.S. Home Electricity Use Reaches 2001 Levels

Graham Shorr | Jan 17, 2014

Thanks to advances in energy efficiency, American residential electricity consumption has fallen to levels last seen in 2001, when Palm pilots were the most advanced gadgets available. Read More