Bixbee backpacks are more than just a stylish way to carry around school supplies. The company believes in enriching young lives through education. Basic school supplies help students thrive in the classroom, but about 100 million children across the globe don't have access to educational opportunities and learning materials due to a number of obstacles. Bixbee is reaching areas in need and providing children with the tools to succeed.

Giving back and making a difference

The idea behind the company's mission was inspired by Bixbee co-founder Luis Garcia's journey to developing countries. He visited and volunteered in areas such as Cambodia, India and Myanmar and learned that children lacked pencils, backpacks and other study materials. From his experience abroad, Garcia – along with co-founder Kalon Guiterrez – created their first backpack line in 2011.

Ever since its beginning, the company continues to support children in need through its "One Here. One There.®" program. For every Bixbee product sold, the company donates a yellow backpack filled with school supplies to a child around the world – even in areas throughout the United States. The backpacks are yellow because it's a color that signifies caution. This helps keep children safe while walking to school and avoiding drivers on the road. Also, the donated backpacks are made from durable material.

Bixbee's focus on eco-friendly bags

From backpacks and lunchboxes to small duffel bags, Bixbee has a variety of environmentally friendly bag options that appeal to kids with multiple interests and plenty of imagination. The company offers 3-D backpack collections for animal enthusiasts, aspiring astronauts and fairy lovers. Children can choose a pack that showcases a rocket ship or fairy wings or even a monkey or elephant. Other available colors and patterns include signature blue, zombie camouflage, pink glitter and butterfly garden.

Not only does the company focus on kid-friendly products, but it also keeps sustainability in mind. The Bixbee site explains that its items are free from chemicals and harmful materials such as BPA, PVC and lead. As a Certified B Corporation, Bixbee also has a seal of approval from Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) and the National Parenting Center. Testers from PTPA described the backpack as functional, sturdy and easy to clean.

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