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Follow us along this year and open your mind to trying new brands and products. You might find something that will simplify your day-to-day activities and give back to our planet. What's better than that?!
According to The Ocean Conservancy, "We consume more than 100 billion plastic bags worldwide, most of which are used for minutes, are not recycled, and last 1,000 years." BlueAvocado is here to change our mindset about household plastic.

How it all began

Plastic is a part of our lives every single day. Whether we're shopping at the grocery store or packing our lunch, most things go into disposable plastic bags. Back in 2008, Amy George, Melissa Nathan and Paige Davis were tired of the endless clutter and the environmental problems plastic bags were causing their families. Making their own reusable, earth-friendly bags started out as a personal solution, but quickly grew into something bigger. BlueAvocado's mission is to "provide thoughtful designs and creative solutions for a greener simpler life." The company is known for its reusable lunch containers, but offers much more.

Say goodbye to wasting plastic

At first, the product line was mostly reusable shopping bags since the average American family wastes approximately 1,000 plastic shopping bags each year. Now consumers can find insulated shopping totes, produce bags and more from BlueAvocado. Customers began asking for new options to take their lunch and snacks to work. In 2010, the company expanded to offer reusable, insulated lunch bags and snack bags. The (re)zip® product line was the solution many were looking for. According to consumer reviews, the bags work best for dry snacks since the zippers might leak when storing liquids. In 2013, the company added food storage containers, such as casserole dishes, coolers and pie carriers. The diverse products prove we no longer need to rely on plastic bags.

Positive partnerships help accomplish goals

BlueAvocado partners with leaders in the world of design, impact and global empowerment to help accomplish its company mission. The company is a certified B Corporation, meaning it meets high standards of social and economic performance, accountability and transparency. Being a Whole Planet Foundation Supplier Alliance Partner gives women new opportunities to reach their full potential and helps end the cycle of poverty. By shopping with BlueAvocado and supporting the Whole Planet Foundation, customers have helped improve the lives of more than 2,200 people. The company also partners with Repreve, a brand of recycled fiber. Through its partnership with Repreve, BlueAvocado turned more than 3 million plastic bottles into new products.

Where can you find BlueAvocado?

You may see BlueAvocado products featured in magazines such as Bon Appetit and RealSimple, along with blogs posts from author and television personality Lauren Conrad. Good Housekeeping says these bags are "super space efficient," making them great for storing food in the freezer. Customers can order products directly through the company website, or through retailers including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Whole Foods, The Container Store, Amazon, Target and JCPenney.

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