As a member of the SaveOnEnergy team, I was excited when I found out about the new program we're offering customers. Who wouldn't be excited about a program that gives you a gift card to your favorite store or money toward energy-savings gadgets just for signing up for something you needed anyway? Here's more on why I think this program is so appealing.

My SaveOnEnergy Rewards gives customers rewards when they enroll in an energy plan with®. After choosing and enrolling in a new energy plan, you can choose between a $25 gift card from national retailers and famous brands or $50 to spend on energy-saving gadgets for your home.

With the launch of this rewards program, SaveOnEnergy is adding value for its customers. In addition to customers being able to research and compare plans to find the best one for them, they can now also get this bonus. You might be wondering which retailers and brands you can choose from and what type of energy-saving products are offered. I was quite impressed with the number of options and I think you will be too.

Target, Outback Steakhouse, Lowe's, Carrabba's Italian Grill and HomeGoods are just a few of the retailers you can choose from. When it comes to energy-saving products, you receive double the reward money and have many more options including LED lights, programmable thermostats, timers and surge protectors.

As a shopaholic, foodie and recent college graduate, I try to save money any which way I can and this rewards program helps me do just that. With My SaveOnEnergy Rewards, I could treat myself to a HomeGoods gift card so I can decorate my new apartment or I could invest in an energy-savings gadget so I can lower my monthly energy bill (and let's be honest, energy bills can be hefty so investing in an energy-savings gadget is a smart idea).

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), energy costs for heating and cooling together make up about 42 percent of consumer home energy expenditures, on average. Keeping my air conditioning or heat on while I'm at work is foolish. Not only am I wasting energy but I'm throwing away money. Purchasing an energy-savings product like a learning thermostat could help reduce these costs and the SaveOnEnergy rewards program offers $50 toward a learning or programmable thermostat. A learning thermostat is genius and perfect for my lifestyle since I work full time. It automatically responds to temperature changes and can set temperatures back at night or when I'm not home.

My SaveOnEnergy Rewards is truly a program that rewards and honors its customers for making smart energy decisions. Although the program is currently offered to customers in Texas only, we plan on launching this program to residents in other states soon.


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