One of the toughest things about summer is dealing with the searing sunshine. In the summertime, high-temperature days can make you sweat bullets — if not from going outside then maybe from your electricity bill. Hotter days typically cause your air conditioner to work harder to keep your home cool, often resulting in high electricity costs. However, there are plenty of fun ways you can beat the heat without touching your thermostat!

Go swimming

It doesn't matter whether you jump in the nearest lake or make a splash in your local pool, going for a swim can be a refreshing way to escape the sun's radiating heat. Plus it’s a fun, family-friendly activity that's sure to bring a smile to the sweatiest of faces. Make sure you turn your air conditioner up or off when you leave your house to conserve energy costs. There's no reason to keep your home cool if no one is there to enjoy it!

Go to the movies

If you're looking for a great source of entertainment and an opportunity to cool off, think about taking a trip to the movie theater. You can spend a couple of blissful hours soaking up the air conditioning while avoiding the sun's bright beams. Theaters are typically kept pretty chilly, so you're likely to experience some relief from the heat. Pick a new release you're dying to see and head out! If you're on a budget, try to make it to a matinee showing when tickets are cheaper or see if there's a dollar theater in your area.

Have a water gun fight

Gather your friends or family for a good, old-fashioned water gun dual. Starting a water battle (with ice cold water of course!) is a fun way to forget about the heat. As a bonus, you may even get in a good workout too. Don't have water toys? Fill some balloons with water and let the party begin!

Make homemade ice cream

The process of making homemade ice cream won't exactly cool you off. But is there anything better than a big scoop of fresh, smooth homemade ice cream on a hot, sunny day? If you simply can't wait for the homemade stuff to be ready, head to the grocery store and load up on the store-bought icy-cold, creamy goodness. After one bite, you should be able to eliminate the feeling of an oncoming heat stroke and cool down!

Go shopping

Instead of blasting your AC at home, consider taking a trip to the nearest mall. Even if you don't buy anything you can enjoy walking around in a nice air conditioned building. There are actually plenty of things you can do at the mall to pass the time. Aside from trying on clothes, you can window shop, people watch or enjoy a cold beverage at the food court. Plus, if you save money on your home air conditioning expenses, you might be able to justify making a new purchase.

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