The most common way people take care of broken objects is throwing them away. However, it’s easy to take these belongings and turn them into something new. These projects are fun and are a great way to recycle possessions that might otherwise be trash.

1. Turn broken chairs into swings: Do you have an old chair that wobbles or has a broken leg? Instead of leaving this piece of furniture by the curb, remove all the legs and drill two holes into the top of the back and two holes into the front of the seat. Paint the chair however you like – both bright colors and a natural finish look great – and hang the chair from a tree or porch with sturdy rope.

2. Turn a broken dresser into wall shelves and an entertainment center: If you have an old dresser that is broken or looks outdated, don’t throw it away. Turn it into an entertainment center and wall storage and display. First remove the drawers from the dresser. Then paint the empty dresser or add new shelves in it to hold all your electronics and act as a television stand.

Take the leftover drawers and paint them or refinish them, including the insides of the drawers. You can also resurface the insides with wallpaper or contact paper. Then mount the drawers on your walls with the insides facing the room. Use the drawers as shelving or a display case for personal belongings.

3. Turn broken suitcases, old fabric and clothes into a pet bed: Take an old suitcase, swing it open and separate the two halves. Take one of the halves and paint the outside or cover it in old fabric. Line the inside with worn T-shirts and sweaters to create a comfy haven for your dog or cat.

4. Turn broken stemware into garden tea-light holders: Even the most surefooted people sometimes accidentally break stemware. Instead of tossing out your broken wineglasses, stick the jagged broken stem into soil. Be careful of the broken glass while you transport the stemware from your kitchen or dining room to your yard. Then put a lit tea light inside the bowl of the glass and enjoy your new candlelit yard.

5. Turn a broken rake into a tool holder: This project works best with rakes intended for turning over soil, not the fan-shaped ones used for raking leaves. Remove the handle from the rake. If the metal is rusty, sand it down and repaint it. Then mount the rake in your kitchen to hold utensils or in your garage to hold gardening tools.

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