It doesn't matter how organized you are, you're probably going to end up with orphan socks every time you do the laundry. Whether it's your dryer eating them or magical gnomes sneaking into your laundry basket every night, it's annoying and an inconvenience. However, there are ways to make lemonade from the lemons that are socks without friends. Find a way to give those orphan socks another use so they don't end up in a landfill with the 10.5 million tons of clothing tossed out every year. Try one of these 6 ways to repurpose orphan socks.

  1. Use them as cleaning rags. How convenient is it that you can fit a sock on your hand? Use it to dust and scrub down your kitchen counters. Instead of gripping a rag or paper towel for dear life as you scrub down your house, put an orphan sock on your hand and wipe away. You can continue to use it over and over again, giving the once-footwear a new lifespan.
  2. Attach them to a floor sweeper. Disposable cloths for sweeper mops are expensive. Not to mention, they're disposable! Don't contribute to our waste problem for the convenience of a throw-away cleaning product. Repurpose your orphan sock as a sweeping pad that you can wash and reuse until it falls apart.
  3. Make a puppet. Who doesn’t love sock puppets? This kid-friendly craft creates hours of fun while repurposing an orphan sock that would otherwise be thrown away. Simply decorate the sock with supplies such as googly eyes, put it on your hand and make it talk.
  4. Create a potpourri bag. Nothing keeps your drawers and closets smelling fresh like potpourri. Instead of purchasing a potpourri bag, make one from an orphan sock! All you have to do is fill the sock with as much potpourri as you see fit, sew or tie it up. Put it in your drawer or closet and you'll have an upcycled potpourri bag.
  5. Make shoe fresheners. Everyone has at least one pair of stinky shoes. Use your orphan socks as shoe fresheners by filling them with baking soda, sewing or tying them up and storing them in those stinky shoes while they're not on your feet.
  6. Freeze socks to make a cold compress. Why would you buy a cold compress from the store when you can wet an orphan sock and freeze it? It works just as well as any other compress and won't cost you anything.

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