By cutting back on your energy use, you will be cutting back on your energy costs. From the extreme to the mundane, every energy-efficient change you make can reflect on your energy bill. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of simple things you can do to make your home and your life more energy-efficient. If you're ready to make a change, check out's tricks, tips and advice to become the biggest saver on your block!

Recycling is Still Relevant

Gabriella Itzler | Nov 13, 2017

Celebrate "America Recycles Day" with this reminder of just how important recycling is to our planet's preservation.

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Save Energy on Laundry Day

Kara Robertson | Aug 5, 2015

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How to Save Energy At Home

Kara Robertson | Jul 29, 2015

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6 Tips for More Effective Composting

Tyler Rice | Jul 1, 2015

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Make an Informed Decision: Tips to Consider When Signing a Solar Lease or PPA

Jenny Lou Bement | Jun 24, 2015

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5 Benefits of Installing a Cool Roof

Jenny Lou Bement | Jun 3, 2015

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Take a Tip from History: 3 Newfangled Conveniences With Old Fashioned, Energy-Saving Alternatives

Jenny Lou Bement | Feb 18, 2015

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Tips to Save Energy throughout the Year

Tara Copeland | Jan 14, 2015

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12 Creative Ways to Avoid Food Waste During Thanksgiving

Jenny Lou Bement | Nov 12, 2014

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4 Reasons to Try Foodscaping Your Lawn

Brittany Williams | Oct 1, 2014

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Ditch the Car and Save $10,000 per Year

Brittany Williams | Sep 24, 2014

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3 Easy Ways to Recycle Your Old Cell Phone

Brittany Williams | Sep 17, 2014

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Are CFL Bulbs a Health Hazard?

Heather Bailey | Sep 10, 2014

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What to Look For When Buying a Ceiling Fan

Heather Bailey | Aug 27, 2014

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8 Free Ways to Cut Energy Costs Now

The Team | Aug 18, 2014

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5 Things to Do Right Now to Cool Off

Heather Bailey | Aug 6, 2014

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Utilities Working Toward Adoption of Smart Meters

Brittany Williams | Jul 16, 2014

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5 Outdoor Summer Savings Ideas

Brittany Williams | Jun 18, 2014

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7 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Green

Brittany Williams | Jun 11, 2014

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Top Energy-Saving Myths Debunked

Brittany Williams | Jun 4, 2014

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Step-by-Step Thermostat Installation Guide

Patrick McCaully | May 21, 2014

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