Don't waste yummy leftover candy from Halloween. Watch our video on how to create your own Halloween Bark! You (and your kids) will be glad you did.


  1. Line a baking dish, or any flat dish that is about the size you'd like your bark, with parchment paper. This will help to prevent any chocolate from sticking, instead of preventing from eating.
  2. Heat up 24 ounces of chocolate (we used dark and white chocolate, but you can use whatever you'd like). To make sure it doesn't burn, you can heat the chocolate with a boiler pan or carefully with a microwave. If you use a microwave, be sure to heat on low, stirring every 30 seconds.
  3. Once the chocolate is melted, pour it onto the parchment-covered dish. Spread the chocolate with a spatula and make sure the dish is evenly coated.
  4. Take any leftover candy from Halloween and top the chocolate with yummy treats.
  5. To secure your toppings, consider drizzling a little extra chocolate across the top of the candy. You'll want to warm any extra chocolate the same way you heated up the base, 30 seconds at a time.
  6. Put the dish in your fridge for an hour to cool.
  7. After an hour has passed, make sure the chocolate has hardened and then break it up into bite-sized pieces!
  8. All that's left is to enjoy.

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