So far, this winter, Canada and the Northeast have been pummeled by snow storms. This year's winter storms have been called the worst in decades. Remember what happened when Buffalo, N.Y., got a whiteout of 7 feet of snow in late November?

BuffaloSnowBuffalonians and their neighbors were literally snowed in. Could you imagine how awful it would've been to be unprepared when you can't even get out of your front door?

With another snow storm headed toward the Northeast and Canada this Valentine's Day weekend, it's probably time to do a winter storm supply audit. There's not much worse than getting snowed in without necessities. It's not just inconvenient – it's dangerous.

Since it's hard to remember everything, we've made it easy to prepare your house for a winter storm. Take our quiz to see if you're a Winter Weather Warrior. But more importantly, use our room-by-room winter storm supply checklist to ensure you're not left snowbound without the things you need to get through the storm safely. Just don't get cold feet when you're getting prepared!

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