Wondering if your relationship with your service provider is the best it could be? It's normal to look at your friends and neighbors and wonder how they're being treated by their electricity or gas company, phone, TV or Internet providers. Would another company take more of an interest in you? Could you get a better deal elsewhere? Instead of wallowing, act. It'll be better off in the long run to make a clean break rather than going down with the ship of temptation. But never fear – we know exactly how you feel and how to snip the strings between you and your service provider.

Recognize you're unhappy.

Whether it's a high bill or bad customer service, face the facts that it's an issue. You deserve better than that.

Give in to your wandering eye.

Just because your service provider can't give you what you need, doesn’t mean that there's no one out there that can. You may not even realize that you're unhappy in other ways until you see what others can offer.

Don't get blindsided.

If there's something else out there that looks better, make sure you understand the consequences of breaking up, such as cancellation charges or equipment fees. You don't want to get blindsided by drama.

Give them 'the talk.'

Talk to your service provider to see if maybe you're being a bit too hard on it. Call to complain about your issue, tweet at them, post to their Facebook wall. Do everything you can to be sure you can't resolve the issue and find happiness in the situation you're in.

Sleep on it.

Think about your current situation and the potential of switching to another company. You don't want to have a knee-jerk reaction like opting out of contracts without truly assessing what you want.

Make it official.

Once you've make up your mind, call your new provider and get properly acquainted. They may even break up with your service provider for you and save you the awkward conversation. Be sure to double-check that they will do this for you!

Lay it out for your old provider.

If you have to do the dirty work, the first step of breaking up is letting your old service provider know exactly why you're leaving. Address the facts is the least emotional way possible. You don't have to let them down easy – just be concise as to why it's not working.

Don’t give in.

Your service provider will try to woo you back. They'll call and pester you. Special deals don't fix unhappiness – unless they give you exactly what you want! But once you've switched, keep in mind the same consequences of making a change.

Bask in the glory of your new relationship.

You no longer have to put up with everything you disliked about your old service provider. You have a shiny new plan from a new company that hasn't let you down. Enjoy it. You deserve it.

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