Spring and summer months are high maintenance months for many women. As the weather gets warmer, these months involve longer and more regular showers, new clothes and lots of air conditioning to stay cool. The problem here is that these things have a direct impact on energy consumption. This spring, challenge yourself to remain energy conscious. Use these alternative suggestions to get around your typical high-energy, high-maintenance routines.

  1. Use Nair. Nair and other hair removing lotions are a great substitute to shaving. They require much less water and will make your legs silky smooth. Instead of running the shower water for extra time to shave, use a hair removing lotion before or after you finish bathing. This will reduce your water usage big time.
  2. Ditch the tanning bed. Let’s put aside the health hazards of tanning. If you want to get some color to prepare for summertime, then tan outside instead of at a tanning salon. Tanning outside is a more appropriate alternative because you’re utilizing natural sunlight, therefore it’s an energy efficient way to become bronze. However, if you want to avoid ultraviolet rays completely, invest in a self-tanning lotion made by an environmentally responsible company. Eco-friendly tanning products can give you the color you desire, don’t require much energy (aside from going to purchase the product) and keep you away from the rays.
  3. Turn off the AC. Unless you’re melting from the heat and humidity, keep the air conditioning turned off and open the windows. The natural breeze is often enough to keep your home, apartment or office space cool and will lower your energy consumption. It might even impact your electricity bill, too.
  4. Say goodbye to coffee. Although most people can’t wait for spring so they can have their iced coffee in hand, coffee during the hotter months only leads to carbon emissions and dehydration. Unless your local Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts is walking distance from your house, you probably drive to and maybe even use the drive-thru at these coffee shops. Cut back on gas, save some energy and money and forget expensive coffee from coffee shops. Water will keep you hydrated and is economically and environmentally attractive.
  5. Shop online. Research suggests that online shopping is actually a greener alternative to traditional retail shopping. Instead of hopping in the car to take a trip to the mall, order your sundresses online. Online shopping doesn’t require transportation and can be done with the click of a button. Get online and order your clothes in advance so they arrive in time for summer!
  6. Cruise with the windows down. When driving locally, turn off the AC, roll down your windows and cruise. Keeping your windows down is actually more energy efficient when you’re driving on roads with stoplights and stop signs. Blast your music and let the wind blow your hair as you drive around town.
  7. Workout outside. Doing your cardio, circuits, sprints or whichever workout you prefer outdoors conserves energy and may even result in more calories burned. During warmer months, gyms typically keep the air conditioning turned on, which consumes a significant amount of energy and may prevent you from a good sweat. Take advantage of the bright, warm days and workout outside.
  8. Carpool to the beach. Without a doubt, you’re looking to head to the beach and swim as soon as the weather permits. Instead of driving alone, carpool with friends. This will make your drive way more fun, save energy and reduce carbon emissions.
  9. Walk to get froyo. Springtime equals frozen yogurt time. Treat yourself to some frozen yogurt this spring season. However, get some extra steps in and walk to your local froyo store. Walking is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to driving.
  10. Cut down shower times. With the weather hot, it’s likely that you’ll need a shower everyday especially if you’re exercising outside. Instead of taking a long, warm shower like most people do in the winter months, take a cold one. Colder showers will entice you to make it quick, which in turn will reduce your water and energy consumption.

Implement these eco-friendly energy savings tips into your routine and enjoy the springtime weather!

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