Did you get that vacuum cleaner you asked for over the Holidays? With winter weather keeping you indoors, why not use your new "toy" to get an early start on your spring cleaning? A vacuum cleaner is a more useful tool than you'd think. Not only does it keep your carpets clean, it can help you clean hard-to-reach areas around the house. In addition, a vacuum can actually help you combat energy waste by assisting you in maintenance cleaning that will keep your appliances and fixtures running smoothly, saving you the extra energy and cash it takes for them to run harder or inefficiently. Energy savings may not occur in a vacuum, but a vacuum can help your energy savings! Here are five ways to use your vacuum to combat energy waste.


  1. Vacuum your refrigerator's coils. Let's face it; the back of your refrigerator is out of sight, out of mind. But while you may not pay attention to it, there's still dust building up on your refrigerator's coils, making the appliance work harder to keep your food cold and using more energy in the process. Let your vacuum cleaner combat this energy waste by cleaning excess dust and dirt off of your refrigerator's coils. You'll be thanking yourself when you won't have to unexpectedly replace your refrigerator and your electric bill goes down.
  2. Use your vacuum to clean your furnace. Just like your refrigerator, your furnace has spots that build up dust and dirt, forcing it to work harder. Vacuum the nooks and crannies around your furnace to save energy and increase its lifespan by keeping it nice and clean and working at the strength it's meant to.
  3. Vacuum air vents. We've all been there – you set the heat to a comfortable temperature but it still feels like you're outside. While this is partially due to other issues, such as drafts, there's a good chance that your hot or cold air isn't getting to you because your vents are dirty. Don't turn up the thermostat; vacuum your vents to get dust off of them and keep the air flowing! Regular air vent vacuuming can combat energy waste by allowing the air to flow properly. It can also prevent dirt from falling into your air ducts which creates larger issues. When you're done vacuuming vents, you can instantly enjoy the blast of comfortable air and feel confident in your temperature setting!
  4. Vacuum sliding door tracks. Sliding doors can easily adopt dirt-instigated gaps that let your conditioned air out and the outside air in. An easy way to combat this is vacuuming sliding door tracks before the dirt gets stuck and causes problems. Use your vacuum to suck up all that dirt and dust to keep your sliding doors opening and closing smoothly and prevent the dirt from building up and creating pesky, energy wasting gaps that'll hurt your wallet.
  5. Vacuum light bulbs. Clean light bulbs mean more light; more light means you can save energy because fewer bulbs need to be on at once to keep your rooms bright and cheery. Instead of wasting paper towels, use your vacuum to dust your light bulbs! Just make sure you turn them off before you get to cleaning them so they're not too hot to touch or straining your eyes. Also, be gentle so you don't break the bulbs - you want to your vacuum to combat energy waste, not light bulbs!

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