Pools are a great recreational activity for summer. They keep you cool and outside, which keeps you from using energy by cranking up your air conditioning. On the other hand, they use an awful lot of water and chemicals that aren't so great for the environment. If you maintain your water properly, you won't have to worry so much about the water usage but what about those chemicals? Most people use chlorine to condition their pool water. While this chemical is incredibly effective in killing bacteria, its ability to kill things makes it even worse for the environment. Not only can chlorine affect water-based plants and animals, it can also affect human health. Ever wonder why your eyes hurt when you open them underwater in the pool? Well it's because chlorine is an irritant and if breathed in, it can even cause respiratory issues.

The unfortunate thing is that chlorine is so effective. It's great at getting your pool water clean enough to safely swim in. However, just because it's effective doesn't mean that it has to be used in such large quantities. By choosing eco-friendly pool chemicals, you can cut your chlorine use back by up to 100%, making your swimming pool healthier for you and the environment. It's possible to have a green pool that doesn't have green water! Consider these alternatives to have a more eco-friendly pool.

  1. Investing in a salt water generator is the most natural alternative to using chlorine-based pool cleaning products. In fact, there's absolutely no need to add any additional chlorine or chemicals to salt water pools. This is because salt water does not require nearly as much balancing as traditional pools. Not to mention, salt water is good for soaking!
  2. Natural Chemistry products such as Pool Perfect or Pool Magic use enzymes to break down all of that pesky algae and bacteria. What makes these products stand out is that these enzymes are also capable of breaking down lotions and sunscreen when they make their way into the pool. While Natural Chemistry products still use a small amount of chlorine, it’s a far cry from the volume used in traditional pool cleaning chemicals.
  3. PristineBlue® products are unique in that they do not contain any chlorine whatsoever. These alternative chemical-based products are considered eco-friendly and are registered with the EPA as a bactericide/algaecide. Although chemical-based, PristineBlue does not cause the same irritations as chorine. In fact, PristineBlue products are also certified as safe to add to drinking water.

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