Once you log on Netflix, it’s hard to log off. Most people only intend to watch one or two episodes of a television series or just one movie. Fast forward a few hours later and I think it’s safe to assume that most of those people would be in the exact same position, still watching Netflix (don’t lie, I’m sure this has happened to you). It’s easy to get sucked in.

To make sure you’re not wasting too much time or too much energy, try to control yourself and keep your Netflix binging to a minimum. However, if you feel a binge coming and accept the fact that you’re about to waste some time, try to incorporate these tips so at least you’re not wasting energy, too!

Tip #1: Binge watch with friends. You and all your roommates or residence hall floor mates are probably all doing the lazy Netflix-in-bed routine on a Sunday. Instead of watching Netflix separately, gather together to watch. This will save energy because you won’t each have your laptops or televisions on and streaming.

Tip #2: Cut the lights. Keeping the lights on is a waste. You’ll be able to see the screen better if the lights are off, plus with the lights on you’ll need your screen brightness higher, which wastes even more energy and laptop battery.

Tip #3: Keep the volume at a normal level. There’s no reason to crank up the volume to the highest notch. Keep it at a normal level not only to save energy but also to protect your ears. If you’re watching alone (and didn’t listen to Tip #1), plug in earphones so you can keep the volume at an even more reasonable level.

Tip #4: Watch on your laptop instead of connecting to your television. Although your laptop screen may not be comparable to your nice 42” plasma television screen, streaming Netflix onto your computer and then attaching your laptop to your television is just a waste of energy. In this case you have to leave your laptop open and running even though you’re not even looking at it. Simplify this by just watching on your laptop.

Tip #5: Lower the brightness. Whether you watch on your television or laptop, keep the brightness low. Bright screens are harmful to your eyes and waste energy. Do yourself a favor and take control of your screen’s settings.

Tip #6: Don’t pause. This doesn’t mean don’t break for food or go to the bathroom but instead of pausing your screen for these breaks, completely power down. Netflix remembers your history and knows exactly where you left off in the documentary or episode you were watching, therefore, you can shut down, save energy and still pick up where you left off.

Every once in a while a Netflix binge may be warranted. If you save energy while doing it, maybe you won’t feel so guilty about being lazy for hours!

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