At times life is stressful. Balancing work, family and social life can be challenging, and clearing your mind may seem impossible. You're not alone and luckily there are many ways that can help you alleviate some stress and feel rejuvenated again.

The following tips are ways to re-energize and don’t even require any energy. By energy, however, we mean electrical power, not physical energy. These days most people turn to TV, Netflix, laptops or handheld devices to "relax." But is texting on your phone or checking Facebook relaxing?

You don't need electronics to clear your mind and feel rejuvenated, so turn off your devices, save some energy and participate in one or more of these activities. Some of these tips may require movement, but you'll walk away with a clearer mind.

Deep inhale, deep exhale

Participating in mindfulness can ease your stress and anxiety. Deep breathing exercises in a place you consider to be a safe haven is one of the most recommended ways to reduce stress. According to Mayo Clinic, meditation is a fast way to bring inner peace. Meditation can help you out of stressful situations because it helps you learn to remove yourself from the situation and focus on the present and your breathing. Forget about the past or the future for just one moment and you mightfind serenity.

Sun salutations

Yoga may or may not be up your alley, however, sun salutations are simple yoga poses to help you open up. Such positions can strengthen your mind and body while also releasing tension. Sun salutations can lower your heart rate and bring you to a state of relaxation. Think about starting each day with a few of these poses to refocus your mind.

Surround yourself with words

Getting lost in the plot of a good book is a healthy way to distract yourself from current life situations. Take some time and wander around the public library. When you come across an interesting read, allow yourself the time to appreciate the story. Sometimes a good book can help you uncover new aspects about yourself.

Freeze yourself

A quick cold shower or dip in a frosty lake can instantly wake you up. The coldness shocks your body and re-energizes you in a way you may not be prepared for. Although it may not be the most comfortable way to wake up, it certainly will make you feel alive and help you forget about other stressors.

Explore your wanderlust

Most people have a high sense of traveling and exploring the world. Although your wanderlust may take you to a faraway destination requiring money and energy, you can instead explore nature and your nearby surroundings through hiking, camping and walking and also feel a sensation of peacefulness. Open your eyes to the beauty in the world around you and you may gain a new perspective on life and stress.

Take a moment to re-energize through one of these steps. Although it may not eliminate all your stressors, it'll help you feel rejuvenated and offer you a way to overcome difficult situations.



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