As the peak of the 2014 wedding season comes to a close, you ladies may be looking at your closets and wondering. "Will I ever wear those bridesmaid dresses again?" The answer is likely "Absolutely not." And while you may not love the dress, it can still sting to toss out a wear-it-once dress that costs, on average, $300. Do the green thing AND get some of your money back on the dress by reselling it. If you're not interested in selling and just want to clear out some much-needed closet space, consider donating it. Whatever you choose to do, here are some great companies to check out along the way.

Resale websites connect buyers and sellers

Every bridesmaid dress resale website does it a bit differently. Some charge a flat fee to list your dress. Some offer free listings. Some make listings easy to search. Others are a bit more challenging. Check out these sites and find the right place to list your dress. offers a $5 flat-fee to list your gently worn bridesmaid dress. The listing lasts until the dress sells, and it doesn't charge an additional commission fee. Listings are easily searchable by size, price, style number, designer, length, year, color and location. adds a $15 trade fee to your desired price when you list your dress. The site uses PayPal so sellers can instantly receive payment. Dresses are also easily searchable by keyword, designer, style and size. charges a one-time $25 listing fee. Your listing does not expire and payments are made through PayPal. Searching for a dress is a little tricky. Instead of a filter list or keyword search, you can only sort the listings by price, size or designer. is free to list and your listing lasts until the dress is sold. You can list multiple dresses and all transactions go through PayPal. This site is searchable by dress type, store where it was originally purchased, cut, size, designer, style number, color or price.

Donate to a worthy cause

If making a bit of scratch off your bridesmaid dresses is not a priority, consider donating to an organization that resells or gives away dresses to women who otherwise couldn't afford a special occasion dress.

Many local and national organizations accept secondhand prom and bridesmaid dresses for donation to resell at a nominal price or give away for free to young women in need of a prom dress. Here are some national organizations making prom dreams come true:

  • holds events in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.
  • is based in South Florida but has chapters across the U.S.
  • Project G.L.A.M. has chapters in Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Wisconsin.


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