Many folks have an abundance of glass jars on hand since they hold everything from jam to tomato sauce. Instead of sending them to the dump to be recycled, reuse them for lighting, decoration and storage at home.


1. Oil lamp: Fill two-thirds of a jar with lamp oil and replace the lid. Stick a cotton wick in the jar and let it soak in the oil for an hour. Nail or drill a hole in the lid and pull the wick up through the lid.
2. String lights: Place string lights in old jars for an easy and whimsical lighting fix.
3. Tea light holder: Fill a jar with pebbles, sand or water and then a tea light.
4. Candle holder: Follow the same steps as the tea light holder project, but use a regular candlestick instead of a tea light.
5. Night lantern: Cut open a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. Adding glitter is optional. Then replace the lid and shake the jar for a starry splatter effect that will glow in the dark.


6. Terrarium: Old jars are perfect for tiny terrariums. Fill a jar with an inch or two of soil and then pot little plants. Spray the inside with a bit of water and seal the jar up tight.
7. Vases: Paint the inside of jars with acrylic paint or spray paint the outsides for a splash of color. If you wish to add lettering to the jars, write with a hot glue gun or glue scrapbooking letters to the outside of the jars. Then cover the outside of the jar with paint.
8. Picture frames: Stick a photo in a jar upside down and facing outward. Then turn the jar upside- down so the photo is now right-side up.


9. Match holder: Keep matches in an old jar and replace the lid with sandpaper.
10. Bathroom storage: Paint a wood board any color you like. Affix large pipe clamps to the wooden board and attach jars to the board using the clamps. Fill the jars with cotton balls, cosmetic sponges or any other common bathroom items. Hang the board on your bathroom wall.
11. Wall planters: Follow the same initial steps for the bathroom storage project. Instead of filling the jars with bathroom supplies, pour soil and plant seeds in the glass containers.
12. Children’s craft storage: Keep beads, crayons, glitter and glue sticks in old jars. If you like, glue plastic figurines to the lids and paint the figurines and lids with nail polish or acrylic paint.
13. Yarn and ribbon dispensers: Drill holes into jar lids and use them to store and dispense yarn and ribbons.

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