With new Apple upgrades coming out so frequently, we have a lot of older iPhones left sitting around when we buy newer versions. According to MarketWatch, “More than half of American consumers say they have two or more unused cell phones in their household.” Not surprisingly, unused, wasted, forgotten old iPhones aren’t helping anyone. So why not reuse that phone in a productive way to promote sustainability and keep your kids happy while doing it.

Old iPhones retain a lot of their cool features even when they lose their status as your active phone. They still have a camera, a speaker system, a headphone plug-in, several gigabytes of storage space and much more that you can use to make your life easier.

  1. Music: Use the sound system and storage space on your old iPhone to play and store music or other sounds and recordings. Start a dance party with your kids, play background music at their birthday parties or play dates, or keep a playlist in the car to avoid boredom or tantrums on long car rides.
  2. Camera: iPhones, old and new, are equipped with incredible cameras and thousands of storage bytes. Capture memories and special moments on your old iPhone without taking up space on your new one. With your new phone to do everything else, your old iPhone can be the family camera. You can also give your iPhone to your kids to be used as just a camera so they can work on their photography skills and keep track of their daily activities.
  3. Baby monitor: An old iPhone can help you with kids of any age, even infants and toddlers. Use the camera and Internet connection on your phone to keep an eye on your little ones while they’re sleeping. By using a video chat app like FaceTime or Skype, you can watch and listen to babies and toddlers from a different room. To make sure they don’t hear you, just mute your end of the call.
  4. Shows: Your old iPhone still has the ability to connect to a wireless Internet connection in your home or on the go. Why not use that to keep your kids entertained with their favorite shows? Maybe your family is struggling to agree on what to watch on TV – by using your old iPhone, you can stream a show for your child to watch while you enjoy your own choice on the main screen. Shows can also be accessed on the go wherever you can connect to the Internet.
  5. Games: With so much storage space, great picture quality and access to the App Store, an old iPhone is easily turned into a handheld gaming device for any member of your family. Do your kids get bored on rainy days? Do you need a moment to yourself to organize your thoughts? Want to keep your kids quiet and calm waiting for an appointment or riding in the car? There’s an easy fix: let them play a game on your old iPhone. This way you don’t take up storage space on your phone and you save your phone’s battery so that it can last throughout the day.

Recycling your old iPhone helps you, your family and the environment. Save your new phone’s battery by delegating some of your kids’ mobile electronic activity to older devices. Using your old iPhone to keep your kids happy and entertained saves you the worry and hassle of constantly coming up with new activities. Unlike your new phone, you don’t have to take your old iPhone with you everywhere. Leave it in the car, in a speaker dock at home or in your child’s room to let it fulfill a different service.

Check out green apps that provide more ways to be sustainable with your smartphone.

Kid-Friendly Ways to Repurpose Your Old

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