Plastic is extremely difficult to biodegrade, so it’s important for eco-friendly folks to reuse their plastic bottles. Reusing plastic bottles for water and other beverages is easy, but there are also several fun crafts you can do using the same materials.
1. Plastic flowers: Carefully cut the bottoms off of soda bottles, starting an inch or so from the bottom, using a craft knife or scissors. The bottom on its own will look like a flower with five petals. Feel free to paint the flowers if you want them a different color. These plastic flowers can be used alone as jewelry trays or strung together to make garlands. Attach one end of the garland to a ceiling or doorframe so it dangles to the floor. Repeat with multiple garlands to create a wall of flowers for a fun eco-friendly alternative to a bead curtain.

2. Tiered wall planters: Pull labels off several soda bottles. Cut a large opening on one side of each bottle where the label used to be. Turn the bottles on their sides with the cut openings facing upward and tie them together.. Hang the planters and fill them with soil and seeds so that plants can grow out of the openings. has pictures of what the resulting planters should look like.

3. Hanging spiral earring holder: Cut a soda bottle into a spiral, working from the bottom of the bottle to the top. Afterward, you’ll have a long strip of plastic that curls like a strand of DNA. Using a thumbtack or nail, punch tiny holes along the strip. Dangle the strip from your ceiling and slip earrings through the small holes.

4. Sequins: Make sequins by cutting circles out of a plastic bottle with a hole-punch. Then poke tiny holes in the circles with a nail or thumbtack.

5. Jellyfish: Using a clear soda bottle, make a plastic flower using the same steps in project #1. The flower will be the jellyfish’s “body”. Also cut long strips of plastic from the body of the bottle. These strips will be the jellyfish’s tentacles. Use a lighter to warp all the pieces of plastic. Then attach the tentacles inside the body with glue. Hang the jellyfish from the ceiling so it looks like it’s floating in water. The jellyfish can be a great decoration for an under-the-sea-themed children’s room.

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