Leftover corks are in abundance if you entertain regularly or you’re just a diehard wine connoisseur. Artists love using them for projects because they’re free and quite pliable for making sculptures. However, you don’t have to be a fine artist to make fun projects with this material. Reuse corks instead of throwing them in the trash and you’ll be doing the earth a favor. Before you cut up any corks, soak them in hot water for 10 minutes so they don’t crumble.

  1. Bulletin board: This is an easy project for leftover corks. Take a picture frame and paint it a fun color. Then mount a piece of cardboard or foam-core to the back of the frame. Cut a bunch of corks in half down the length of the cork and glue the flat sides to the inside of the frame.
  2. Fire starters:Fill a jar with rubbing alcohol. Soak a few corks in the alcohol and seal the jar tight. Bring the jar with you when you go camping and throw a cork on your woodpile when you want to start a fire.
  3. Herb garden markers: Label corks with the names of the various plants in your herb garden. Then push wooden skewers through the ends of the corks and stick the markers into the soil next to the appropriate herbs.
  4. Necklace rack: Screw small hooks into the bottom of several corks and then glue the corks to an old ruler. Mount the ruler to a wall and hang necklaces and/or bracelets from the hooks.
  5. Candle holder: Fill a glass vase with a handful of corks. Then nestle a candle stick in the corks.
  6. Picture frame: Slice corks in half lengthwise and glue the flat sides to a cheap picture frame.
  7. Magnets: Slice more corks in half lengthwise. Cut magnet tape into cork-long pieces and attach them to the flat sides of the corks.
  8. Mini magnetic planters: Carve out the insides of some corks with a power drill. Attach magnets to the sides of the corks. Fill the inside of the corks with soil and plant small flora. These tiny planters are perfect for magnetic chalkboards or refrigerators at home or in a classroom.


8 Ways to Reuse Wine Corks

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