Is your New Year’s resolution to reduce your carbon footprint? You’re not alone. If you’re environmentally conscious, you’re bound to make it a resolution every year. However, it’s hard to maintain an eco-friendly mindset from the very beginning, bringing in the New Year. NYE parties often involve a lot of waste: confetti, noise makers, garlands and the works, but you don’t have to consume in order to have all of these stylish party favors. Why not upcycle your trash to make it into fabulous party supplies? Check out these six upcycled NYE party ideas.



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1. Make party poppers from toilet paper tubes and recycled gift wrap. With relatives coming into town during the holiday season, you’re going to use up plenty of toilet paper. Save the rolls and don’t throw away used gift wrap and ribbon so you can upcycle it into a festive party popper. While these instructions call for confetti, why not make some yourself from paper and other materials that would end up getting tossed out?



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2. Craft gift box party hats. Who needs to buy party hats when you can make them out of all of those gift boxes you got during the holidays? All you need is some scissors, glue, glitter and a paintbrush, along with shirt-sized gift boxes and you’re all set to make custom NYE party hats!


nye garland

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3. Create a garland out of rubber bands! Collect all of those rubber bands floating around your house and put them to use! Instead of buying a disposable garland for your countdown celebration, transform your rubber bands into woven décor! You can even use multi-colored rubber bands for a more festive feel!



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4. Decorate with old CDs. Silver and gold to bring in the new year, right? Well, what about all of those metallic CDs you’ve been debating on throwing away? Music may have gone digital but that doesn’t mean you have to part with those outdated discs. Make decorations out of them! Whether you are stringing them together and hanging them as a backdrop or using them as mosaic tiles, you can still love those shiny discs that you sang along to in decades past.


noise maker

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5. Transform old bottles, pebbles and used gift wrap into noise makers. Before you toss that soda bottle into the recycling bin, repurpose it as a noise maker! Simply fill it with pebbles, coins or another material that rattles and cover it in all that wrapping paper you were going to throw away. If you’re feeling especially creative, you can even decorate it with paint, glitter or ribbon. Feel green as you shake away last year with your upcycled noise maker!



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6. Assemble a banner from holiday gift boxes and wrapping paper. Why buy an expensive banner that’s going to end up in the garbage when you can make one from all of that gift wrap waste from the holidays? Cut out numbers and letters from boxes and decorate them with all that pretty wrapping paper your relatives used. Then, tape or thread them on some string for a custom, upcycled NYE banner!

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