If you're looking for an easy way to go green, try switching up your diet. Almost 10% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture, so simply eating less meat can help reduce your carbon footprint.
If you want to go further than Meatless Mondays, consider a plant-based diet. There are many different types of plant-based diets, but there is one main distinction to keep in mind:

  • Vegan: Being vegan means you don't use or eat any products that come from animals (such as meat, eggs, milk, honey, gelatin or butter).
  • Vegetarian: Being vegetarian means you don't eat meat, but you might still use or consume animal products (such as eggs, milk, honey, gelatin or butter).

Don't let these titles scare you. There's plenty of support out there! Download these apps to help you change your eating habits.

Free Apps

  • Is It Vegan?: This app lets you scan the barcode on packaged foods and it will tell you whether the product is vegan, vegetarian or neither. You will also see a list of which ingredients are non-veg. This app is free, so ads will display at times. On the bright side, 25% of the ad revenue will be donated to animal rights organizations. Worth it!
  • VegKitchen: If you like cooking, this app is the perfect free download. You'll find tips, tricks and recipes for easy vegan and vegetarian dishes. The recipes come with shopping lists and photos so cooking green dishes at home is a breeze!
  • 21-Day Vegan Kickstart: This free app gives you 21 days of full instructions to go vegan. The recipes in the meal plan are designed to serve 4-6 people, so you might need to alter the portions if you're only cooking for yourself.
  • Tasteful: Don't let lunch outings with friends ruin your green diet. Use Tasteful to find nearby vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and paleo options at restaurants. This free app also integrates with delivery services such as Door Dash, Delivery.com, Grubhub, Eat24 and UberEATS.

Paid Apps

  • Green Kitchen: If you need some inspiration to try vegetarian cooking at home, this app is made for you. Green Kitchen is filled with healthy recipes and mouth-watering photos.
  • HappyCow: Search this app to find a nearby vegetarian or vegan restaurant. When you're traveling, HappyCow can help you navigate unfamiliar areas. When you're home, it can help you discover new green options in your own town.
  • VeganXpress: Use VeganXpress when you're looking for vegan choices at your favorite restaurant chains. Search for a restaurant and VeganXpress will guide you when you order. As a bonus, this app also includes a guide for vegan beer, wine and liquor choices.
  • Vegetarian How to Cook Everything: This app is more expensive than the others, but definitely worth the investment. With more than 2,000 recipes from New York Times author Mark Bittman, this app is all you'll need to go vegetarian at home.

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