"People, planet, and purpose." Those three words are the values prioritized by fitppl®, a Texas-based company. A certified B Corporation®, fitppl's mission is to inspire "environmental and social change as a means to improve the health of people, condition of our planet, and increase social consciousness." Not only does the company sell eco-friendly products that promote health, it's also helping make the planet a better place through active plastic cleanups and encourages its customers to take part.

An event open to the public, a crew of fitppl employees and dedicated volunteers periodically head out to the lakes of Austin, TX, to collect and responsibly dispose of littered plastic. Why is this important? Consider this startling projection: In the next 30 years, the amount of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the number of fish, The Washington Post reported. Plus, 80% of all littered plastic enters the ocean via land. Through its initiatives, fitppl has already collected more than 2,000 pounds of plastic after just two cleanups – a number the company plans to exceed.

What does fitppl sell?

When the company isn't busy defending the planet through its cleanups, fitppl sells two products that promote a healthy lifestyle: activewear and a nutrient-dense superfood powder.

Fitppl's line of yoga-friendly apparel – T-shirts and tanks for men and women, to be exact – is made in the United States. The fabric of each shirt is created from a blend of recycled plastic and organic cotton free of pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. Plus, the process of printing and dying these shirts is a delicate process – strictly water-based, toxin-free ink is used. Dyes used in mass-produced clothing today often contain carcinogens and PVC – the most toxic plastic – which can be dangerous to place against the skin.

If you're looking for something to nourish your body, you may want to give fitppl's 2-in-1 superfood powder a try. The formula is chock-full of essential vitamins and minerals, the website claims. Containing ingredients such as chlorophyll to alkalinize the body and cleanse the blood, this powder promises to increase your energy and strengthen your immune system. Other detoxifying ingredients include organic goji, acai and wild blueberry. The powder comes in a pouch instead of a plastic container, complete with a wooden scoop.

When you buy from fitppl, your money will go to sustainability efforts.

Part of every fitppl purchase goes directly toward its Ditch The Plastic initiative. Even if you aren't able to join the company on an active cleanup, buying a product can help keep its mission alive.

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