Kicking off the New Year with a resolution to lose some weight? The® team wants to start the year off strong and shed some holiday pounds but wants to do so in a green way. We decided to explore workout gear and find eco-friendly options so we – and you – can look good during workouts while also supporting the environment. Check out these organic, sustainable products and head to the gym!

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1.     Nau tights

The Nau Stalac Tights are great for any type of workout. These leggings are made from a blend of 55 percent organic cotton with a yard dye stripe, 37 percent Tencel and 8 percent spandex in a soft knit with stretch for movement. Nau’s fabrics are created out of a need and desire to transcend traditional workout clothes into sustainable articles of clothing. Nau constantly revolutionizes new fabrics and commits to beauty, performance and sustainability.

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2.     TEKO running socks

Teko socks are perfect for a long run, hike or bike. They vary in weight, height and style, but all offer superior cushioning, breathability and durability in a sustainable and comfortable way. Made from 100 percent recycled fishing nets, TEKO’s EVAPOR8 Ultralight socks will keep your feet cool during your workout.

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3.     Yoga Hyde shorts

The Hyde chrystie shorts are perfect to wear to your yoga class. These certified organic shorts are made from  92 percent organic cotton and 8 percent spandex, offering breathability and flexibility. According to Hyde, one of the most famous verses in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra instructs that our asana – our seat or connection to the Earth – should be steady and happy. Hyde’s steady and happy connection to the Earth translates as organic cotton. This material isn’t just comfortable and soft but also abides by yoga principles and supports the environment.

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4.     Brooks running shoes

Brooks running shoes are great for both men and women. Wearing Brooks sneakers means you’re supporting a company that incorporates green behaviors into their production process. Brooks stays green by making shoe boxes out of recycled materials, sizing them to the shoe size so that there aren't wasted materials, and also investing in a green headquarters building that uses 75 percent less energy than a standard building of its size.

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5.     MahaDevi Design Malaya yoga pant

This Amazonia print yoga tight is made from 70 percent bamboo, 25 percent organic cotton and 5 percent spandex. According to MahaDevi,  new designs are inspired by patterns from nature and goddess energy.

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6.     Cozy Orange sports bra

The Cozy Orange Vikasa yoga sport bra is made from recycled plastic bottles and provides support and comfort during your workout. Cozy Orange has created the Cozy-Eco fabric, a specialized line of eco-conscious clothing made from recycled polyester. Cozy Orange uses sustainable practices in packaging and production as well as its fabrics. Tags are printed on 100 percent recycled paper, and its production facilities are evaluated by sustainability teams to ensure its processes meet new standards of efficient and eco-friendly production.

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7.     HuggerMugger yoga blocks

HuggerMugger offers multiple yoga blocks that combine stability with sustainability. The recycled foam yoga blocks combine the eco-friendly EVA foam with recycled polyethylene film, a mulch material used in agriculture. The cork yoga blocks are also sustainable and made from renewable cork which has natural traction for stability. Since the yoga philosophy recognizes the interconnectedness of everyone and everything on Earth, HuggerMugger’s sustainable practices align with yogic ideals. As sustainable materials have become more accessible and functional over the years, HuggerMugger has consistently researched and implemented sustainable policies both in developing products and packaging.

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8.     Alternative Apparel tank top

The Alternative Apparel Move Breathe Deeply tank top is ideal for women interested in a soft, airy tank with a built-in bra. This eco-gauze jersey top is made with 50 percent polyester, 38 percent cotton and 12 percent rayon and the attached bra is made of eco-lycra jersey. Alternative Apparel’s sustainable fabrics, including the eco-gauze jersey, constitute 65 percent of the company’s offerings. It uses non-toxic, low-impact dyes on all eco-fabrics and its eco-wash finishes garments with 60 percent less water and no chemicals.

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9.     Green Apple Active jacket

Green Apple Active offers lightweight organic women’s jackets made with a blend of certified organic bamboo and cotton. The jacket is a combination of plant-based materials and is anti-microbial and breathable. Green Apple utilizes certified organically grown bamboo and organic cotton in its apparel while also abiding by high standards of eco-technology in apparel manufacturing. The company believes in being eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan and biodegradable by utilizing natural plant-based materials in its apparel because it’s passionate about health and the planet.


These workout products are the perfect way to incorporate sustainability into your workout. Add wearing and using eco-friendly workout gear to your New Year’s workout resolution!

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