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Electric Cars Turn Luxury

Electric Cars Turn Luxury

If you’re one of the people who’s been holding out for an electric car that actually looks like a super sweet ride, your chariot awaits! Of the many car manufacturers that offer electric models, one startup from California has raised the bar by offering models that are attractively designed and well appointed: Tesla Motor Company.

A new take on electric vehicles

Electric cars have been on the radar in the United States for decades, but as the global oil market heats up and climate change continues to enter the consciousness of the population the concept is gaining traction. The Toyota Prius still dominates the hybrid market, cars that employ both electric and gasoline engines, but more major car manufacturers are developing 100% electric models with each passing year. The problem for many people with these models is that they don’t look that cool, and certainly not luxurious.

Enter Tesla Motor Company.

Tesla made waves a few years ago when it introduced its first model, the Tesla Roadster. Initially public opinion was a mixed bag, primarily due to the $100,000-plus cost of the Roadster model. Many reviewers questioned the need for such an impractical electric vehicle, especially one priced so far out of reach of the ordinary American.

Since the Roadster, Tesla has debuted a new model, the Model S aimed at offering a practical and luxuriant electric vehicle. The Model S is a four-door sedan that offers impressive acceleration for an electric car and all the trimmings of a true luxury vehicle. Still priced above the budgets of many at just over $50,000, the Model S is definitely not a vehicle for everyone, but the car’s lines are catching the attention of many. According to some reports, Tesla is eventually going to attempt to break into the middle-class market in America, but for now the company seems content with the Model S being named Motor Trend’s 2013 Car of the Year.

The future for Tesla

In 2012, Tesla announced plans to create a network of quick-charging stations across the continental United States. These stations would enable Tesla drivers to make cross-country trips with minimal stoppages, and it’s a crucial play on the part of the company if it wishes to continue to market its products outside of states such as California with a high number of electric car charging stations already in place.

Additionally, Tesla has already unveiled the design for the Model X, a crossover-like vehicle offering more storage capacity than the Model S but maintaining a focus on luxurious driving. As more consumers across the country plunk down the cash for the next game-changing electric car, it’s only a matter of time before we find out whether Tesla and its aggressive business model is here to last.

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