Who better to learn from than Jedi Master Yoda? With the new Star Wars movie coming out this week, there's a lot of talk about the Force but what's often overlooked is how some of the lessons learned through Yoda and the Star Wars movies can be applied to environmentalism. The Force is something that runs through everything, giving us life and spirit, and part of becoming a Jedi is accepting this and learning to use it for good. Sound familiar? If you're an eco-conscious person, you may note the similarities between Jedi training and learning how to re-evaluate your lifestyle with environmental principles a priority. Let's take a deeper look at some of the lessons Yoda has taught to better understand how going green is like becoming an environmental Jedi.

1. Always pass on what you have learned.

If you've learned how to upcycle your two-liter bottles into bird houses or even how to save a little bit of energy by unplugging your phone charger, pass it on. If everyone shared their tricks on how to save energy, reduce waste or live sustainably, we'd all at the very least feel guilty for sticking with bad habits. Not to mention, if we pass this information on to the next generation, chances are, the world could be a cleaner, healthier place.

2. You will find only what you bring in.

Making this planet a better place to live will depend on what each person brings in. You will only find that things will change if we all do our part. If you don't "bring in" reducing your energy use, don't expect a smaller electric bill even though you have a great rate. You will find only what you bring in – it takes your own effort to make things work.

3. Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.

While it may be hard to look ahead since we get so consumed by our day-to-day life and what's in front of us, we need to make sure we're thinking about how our actions affect the future. You may think it's OK to throw away – rather than recycle – that plastic bottle, but it will have an effect in time even if we can't see it today.

4. Patience you must have, my Young Padawan.

The transition to renewable energy isn't going to happen overnight. It's a complete overhaul of the way we've done things for more than a century. However, if you have patience, Young Padawan, it will happen. This also applies to taking the time to upcycle things to reduce waste. It may take some time for you to turn that old jar into a snow globe, but if you have patience, you and Mother Nature will benefit in the end.

5. You must unlearn what you have learned.

We've been overly wasteful and relying on fossil fuels for decades. It's hard to unlearn these ways of life, but to move forward and have a better planet for our children, we must unlearn what we have learned and think twice about throwing away something recyclable or cranking up our heat in the winter time.

6. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.

Moving away from fossil fuels is a huge step. It’s scary transitioning away from something we've relied on since the beginning of widespread electricity. On the other hand, if you train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose, you'll realize that it wasn't so scary after all and everything works itself out the way it should.

7. Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view.

As a society, our view of energy consumption and waste has evolved over time. It all depends on point of view and developments. While something may appear as a truth today, our point of view may evolve even further and we could find out that current habits may be more harmful than helpful. Take, for instance, plastic. While it is a wonderful product, it takes about a century to decompose. So instead of continuing to throw it in the garbage, we encourage recycling to avoid waste, changing our point of view and resulting truth.

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