Climate change! Dolphins! Sustainability! It seems like everywhere we turn someone is talking about being green and saving the oceans. But with so much information and misinformation out there, how do we really know what’s what? Luckily, the past few years have showered us with an assortment of award-winning documentaries to sift through the rhetoric and help us drop some serious knowledge at family gatherings.

TV live streamHere are a few of the year’s best “green” documentaries, exploring topics ranging from renewable energy, fracking, electric cars and ice. Plus, one of them even has the added bonus of being narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. So start popping that organic popcorn and get ready for an environmentally conscious movie night.

Revenge of the Electric Car

You might have heard of Elon Musk. SpaceX, Tesla Motors, investor, entrepreneur billionaire extraordinaire. This documentary gives you access into the life and mind of Musk as Tesla Motors was just getting started. It also follows entrepreneurs from General Motors and Nissan as they pushed to bring electric cars back into the mainstream car market. Not only is this helpful for the environment, it could change the way we talk about fuel and energy in the United States.

Now streaming on Netflix.

Catching the Sun

For those interested in clean energy, particularly solar energy, this is a fascinating look at how other countries are harnessing the power of the sun and creating new job opportunities – all narrated to us through the soothing voice of Leonardo DiCaprio. The film starts in Northern California and highlights clean energy initiatives taking place through companies such as Sungevity. Director Shalini Kantayya then takes viewers to Germany and China, two countries leading the way in sustainable technology by investing in solar energy. The film also focuses on a cast of unlikely people supporting solar energy – from a Tea Party activist to a Chinese solar entrepreneur – and how this could help the U.S. begin the work of building a different kind of energy economy.

Now streaming on Netflix.

How to Let Go of the World (and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change)

This film debut at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival created a lot of buzz. That’s because filmmaker-turned-activist Josh Fox’s reputation preceded him: He’s already an Oscar-nominated filmmaker for his documentary on fracking, Gasland. (Which is another great environmental film to check out.)

His latest takes on a more human element. Fox traveled the world, spanning 12 countries and six continents, to document climate change. But not just the environmental elements, rather how people and individual communities are coping with it – from an oil spill in the Amazon to a city in China where residents can barely see through the smog clogging their air.

Stream on HBO Go and learn more about the film here.

Chasing Ice

If you’ve ever wanted real evidence of the changing glaciers in the artic, then James Balog’s documentary Chasing Ice is the film for you. In 2005, while on assignment for National Geographic to take photos of climate change in the Artic, Balog became obsessed with the subject matter. He returned home and assembled an expedition of photographers and adventurers for what he called The Extreme Ice Survey. They began to set up time lapse cameras across the Artic to record these rapidly changing glaciers. The film Chasing Ice is the culmination of that work, beautifully shot and incredibly timely evidence in the climate change debate.

Now streaming on Netflix.

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