Preparing for a first or new job can be stressful and overwhelming for anyone. It’s a challenge to mentally prepare yourself to enter an unknown workplace. It’s a transition that involves new responsibilities, adapting to a new environment, working with new people and patience.

Many people start a new job and try to impress others. They show up early and leave late, don’t take a lunch, arrive promptly to meetings, over analyze and much more. One overlooked way to impress people at a new job is to bring something unique to the table. Being green in the workplace shows your passions and interests outside the office. By bringing sustainable efforts into the workplace your co-workers will learn something new about you, mirror your sustainable efforts and it’ll impact both how they see you and the environment.

Developing a green work ethic is an easy way to impress those around you in your new office. Check out the following easy ways to incorporate green into your daily work life.

Bring your own lunch in recyclable containers.
Use an eco-friendly, reusable water bottle instead of buying bottles of water.
Use a lunch box to carry your lunch rather than plastic bags.
Sit by the window for natural daylight.
Keep the brightness on your computer screen low to save energy.
Use fewer supplies such as notebooks and staples. According to Tree Hugger, 120 tons of steel could be saved if every UK office worker used one less staple a day.
Use a blanket or small fan to stay warm or cold at your desk instead of a high-energy heat warmer or electric fan.
Carpool with co-workers who live nearby to conserve fuel. You can do this when commuting to work every day or when driving to a local restaurant for lunch breaks.
Take public transportation when possible.
Waste less paper. When printing, use both sides of the paper and during meetings take notes on your computer rather than notepad.
Turn off your computer and unplug electronics when you leave for the day instead of keeping it on sleep mode.
Inquire about working from home. Working from home will conserve fuel, reduce pollution and potentially increase efficiency if you’re not commuting.

Going green is a great work ethic that can easily be integrated with your career. Stand out in your office by showing your co-workers your green commitment.

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