You know that organic, local produce is the way to go when it comes to the health of your family and the environment. But did you ever think about the health and ecological impacts of what's in your wine fridge? From a slew of pesticides, chemical additives and even animal blood and bone marrow (used as fining agents to filter the wine), your favorite unassuming green bottle may be hiding more than you ever imagined. Check out some of these organic options that reject some of the "conventional" winemaking methods and come from the great state of Pennsylvania.

Try La Pomme - organic apple wine from Pocono Limited Winery

Pocono Limited Winery in Stroundsburg, PA, makes its organic, vegan wine from apples. The apples that go into La Pomme are grown organically, and the wine is fermented without harsh chemicals or additives. Vegans can rest assured that La Pomme is an ethical wine and free from any animal products or byproducts. The winery claims that additives such as bentonite (a clarifying agent), calcium carbonate (an acid reducer), potassium sorbate (a preservative), fermaid (a fermentation aid for non-grape wines) and more than 100 other chemicals typically used in wine-making are absent from La Pomme. The winery also claims that these products may contribute to the headache that often accompanies wine consumption. Not only can you enjoy La Pomme with a clear conscience, this organic apple wine also helps you enjoy drinking it with a clear head.

Check out Yellow+Blue Wines

Yellow and blue make green and this Chester Springs, PA, company is innovating in a very "green" way. Yellow and Blue partners with wineries using only 100% organic grapes and natural wine-making processes. The company imports wine directly from partner vineyards before it is bottled - saving money and a ton of energy to ship the wine in steel tanks. From there, Yellow and Blue packages the wine into Tetra Pak cartons. These cartons preserve the wine just as well as glass bottles but weigh far less and have a much smaller carbon footprint - 46 percent smaller to be precise. The company offsets the other 54 percent of its carbon emissions with renewable energy credits from Renewable Choice Energy. Not only has this company taken into account eco-friendliness and affordability, it also gives 1 percent of total sales to a microlender that helps entrepreneurs in some of the world's poorest countries start their own businesses. Yellow and Blue's focus on a triple bottom line - that is, a bottom line that considers economic, environmental and social impacts of operations - makes it a label that definitely thinks outside the box. 

Wine-making, like many agricultural processes, is not the most eco-friendly activity. However, with conscientious and innovative vintners leading the way, Pennsylvania wineries are ready to make a name for themselves on the East Coast and beyond. Visit one of these pioneering, organic wineries. Pocono Limited Winery offers online sales to customers throughout Pennsylvania and the U.S. You can also find them at the Monroe County Farm Market from May through October. Yellow and Blue is available at specialty wine and liquor shops across the country.

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