As consumers move their music and movies from compact discs to digital files, many people are left with a large amount of old discs. Since the discs are no longer needed, folks tend to just toss them out with the trash. However, with a pair of scissors and a few other materials, you can cover common household objects, such as display dishes, with beautiful mirrored mosaic tiles made out of these old discs.


• Household object, such as a flower pot, Christmas bulb decorations or birdbath
• Old CDs or DVDs (use CDs for silver tiles and DVDs for rainbow ones)
• Scissors
• Spray clear sealant
• Strong glue
• Grout
• Damp rag


1. Cut up your old discs with a pair of strong scissors. Any shapes will do and the cut pieces don’t have to be uniform in size or shape. Just make sure that the sides of your pieces are straight. Leaving some of the edges curved makes it more obvious that you used old discs instead of brand-new mirrored tiles.

A quick way to cut up your discs is to cut straight lines from the outside of the discs to the hole in the middle. You’ll be left with several trapezoid-shaped wedges. Trim the remaining curved edges of the trapezoids so all four sides are straight.

2. If you’re using CDs, the discs will only have one silver layer. If you cut up DVDs, you’ll find that the discs split into two layers: one clear and one with a rainbow side. Both silver and rainbow tiles work well for this project. If you want to use rainbow tiles, spray the rainbow side of your DVD pieces with a clear gloss sealant so the rainbow finish doesn’t rub off.

3. After the sealant is dry, use a strong glue to attach the tiles to the surface of whichever object you are decorating. The tiles don’t have to line up perfectly. Simply glue them close together with a millimeter or two between them. Cover the entire object and let the glue dry.

4. Once the glue is dry, cover the entire object with grout and use a damp rag to wipe extra grout off the tiles. The grout might take a while to dry. A blogger on needed to wait a few weeks before placing her newly restored birdbath outside.

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