In order to beat your winter blues, you’re probably counting down the days until summer. Luckily, before you know it, spring will be here, and you’ll be rushing to the beach. Before it’s too late and you find yourself wishing you shed some of the pounds you gained this winter, start (or ramp up) your exercise routine now!

These are easy and energy efficient ways to help you get the summer body you’ve always wanted and don’t require an expensive gym membership or the stamina of the workout gurus in P90X® DVDs. By working out, you’ll boost your endurance, causing your body to get stronger and have more energy. In the end, you’ll be helping your body’s energy levels and help conserve the environment’s energy.

Do cardio outside. As long as you’re not living in a city that’s covered in snow, take advantage of the outdoors. Go for a speed walk on the sidewalk in your neighborhood, jog along the boardwalk near the closest beach or run through nature in a park. There is nothing better than doing your cardio in fresh air. If you’re afraid you won’t sweat outdoors because it’s not warm enough yet, add layers to burn more.

Take the stairs. Forget elevators and escalators exist. Instead of opting for the easy way out, take the stairs. If you live in an apartment complex, take the stairs to your floor. If you’re shopping at the mall, take the stairs to the second level. Climbing stairs burns a lot more calories than you think it would and is the green way to go.

Walk or bike to the local grocery store. If you live in suburbia, it’s fairly likely that you have a grocery store very close to your home. Instead of constantly wasting gas and driving to the store, try biking or walking instead. In Copenhagen, Denmark, residents bike everywhere even during the coldest months.  Be a Dane for a day and bike around town. Not to mention, biking is the lowest emitter of greenhouse gasses compared to buses and cars and is a great cardio workout.

Wash the dishes. Using the dishwasher is without a doubt the easier way to have your dishes cleaned. Instead of relying on the dishwasher that uses a ton of water, do them yourself. According to LIVESTRONG, washing the dishes manually will burn you about 160 calories per half hour. So let those dishes stack up for a few meals and get cleaning.

Start gardening. Gardening may not be one of your hobbies, but it’s a soothing, eco-friendly and relatively easy hobby to pick up. Not to mention, gardening is an easy way to burn some calories. By harvesting your own vegetables or planting flowers for thirty minutes, you can burn over one hundred calories. Soon enough, you’ll shed some pounds and grow a green thumb.

These are simple ways to enhance your calories burned and become an environmentally-savvy person!

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