Did you know more than 1 billion pounds of trash enters our oceans every year? Some of the most harmful ocean pollutants include oil, cans and plastic. Not only does ocean pollution impact the cleanliness of different bodies of water around the world, but it also harms marine wildlife. Thousands of fish, sea turtles, marine mammals and birds are killed or injured by consuming ocean litter or getting tangled in debris.

Although cleaning our oceans is a large task to tackle, we need to start somewhere. The Seabin Project has a promising solution to improving ocean pollution: a pump-powered trash collector called the Seabin.

What does the Seabin do?

Australian surfers and self-made inventors - Andrew Turton and Peter Ceglinski - designed the Seabin to constantly operate on shore power. However, they're looking into more sustainable power sources such as solar and wind.

The product is shaped just like a trash bin and sits on the water's surface. It holds five gallons and has a pump to connect to docks for power. The Seabin has the ability to collect all kinds of trash in more controlled areas, such as ports and marinas. It can even collect oil. When it sucks in water, the bin collects trash in its "natural fiber catch bag." Once the bag is full, it should be properly replaced and disposed of, but it doesn't need to be changed immediately. Typically, the water flow will pull trash around the bin until more debris can flow in.

Turton and Ceglinski hope this product is just the beginning to larger ocean cleanup efforts. Want to see the Seabin in action? Check out this video!

How to support The Seabin Project

The Seabin Project is looking for supporters and is welcoming contributions through crowdfunding site Indiegogo. According to the project's site, it needs production funds to include affordable and sustainable materials in its design. With a goal of $230,000, the project has already surpassed its goal with $260,000 from approximately 7,300 donators. Additional contributions will help Turton and Ceglinski explore eco-friendly Seabin production processes. Through Indiegogo, people around the world have been exposed to the project's design and goals.

In the future, The Seabin Project plans to go beyond making our oceans pollution-free. The project hopes to create new Seabin models for specific locations, educate students about best recycling practices and much more.

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