Living in this day and age, you probably have a couple of outdated computers in the closet that are taking up space and collecting dust. We've all been there - you have a pile of electronics that have no use. However, you're too eco-conscious to them throw in the garbage, and you just can't seem to make it to the recycling facility. Well, you're in luck. Ditch the recycling facility for now because there are ways to upcycle those outdated computer parts to revitalize them and let them outlive the lifespan of their technology. Check out these five ways to turn your old computer parts and accessories into geek chic home ware.


Create a pencil holder out of old floppy disks. Remember those floppy disks you have in the bottom drawer of your desk that you haven't touched since 1999? Good news! You don't have to part with them! Give them new life by turning them into a pencil holder. All you need is five floppy disks, zip ties, scissors and a drill and you can easily assemble one of these geeky desk-orations.


Make jewelry from keyboard keys. How can you get rid of that keyboard that helped you spend hours typing away on AOL? It's too nostalgic. It may have even let you discover the magic of the internet! Take that keyboard, pop the keys off, drill some holes in their sides and string them together to make fun, nerdy keyboard key jewelry that is bound to be a conversation piece.

Create a mouse robot. What geek doesn't like robots? They're fun and adorable, as long as they're not trying to take over the world. Believe it or not, old computer mice can make a really cool robot sculpture. While this craft may require you to shake down your friends for their outdated computer mice, it's well worth it. Hot glue those PC rodents together to assemble a cute robot sculpture that will get the whole IT department talking.

Circuit lights-Optimized

Use circuit boards to create light fixtures. This idea from Ikea Hackers is a perfect upcycling project for a creative, geeky home. These neat light fixtures may be more of an advanced craft but can be accomplished by anyone with enough determination. They are a sleek, decorative way to upcycle old circuit boards. Just remember to recycle the rest of the computer after you're done!

Turn your bulky old monitor into a cat bed. That outdated monitor takes up more space than anything and there's absolutely no chance you'll ever use it again. Unless… you turn it into a cat bed! Don't have a cat? Someone you know does, and it would be a really cool gift! However, this project is also a little more on the advanced side so make sure that you have patience and enough skill to make it happen before you start tearing that old monitor apart.


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