If figuring out the perfect gift for your father or husband becomes harder every year, take heart and take a look at our gift list. We've got 15 fresh ideas that Dad – and the environment – will appreciate.



Getting Dad a gift card may sound like the easy way out, but our thoughtful and creative ideas are anything but boring. Plus, these gifts don't need to be wrapped, saving the environment from wasteful packaging.


1. Toy store gift card
Specifically, Dad's kind of toy store, whether that's for tools, fishing gear or books. A gift card gives him the freedom to play around with his favorite things without any disapproving looks from Mom. Harbor Freight Tools offers electronic gift cards so you can email one to Dad or you can pick one up in one of its 500+ stores.


2. Movies
Does Dad enjoy escaping into movies? Get him an online subscription to a movie service or a gift card to a theater chain so he can indulge. With Hulu, you can customize a gift subscription for 1-12 months and he can watch movies, TV and more.


3. A class or trip
What activity has Dad always wanted to try – kayaking, flying, photography? Find a class or a trip you can take together to experience some new thrills. Sign up for an online scuba diving course by PADI, the standard in scuba education. Or try fly fishing with Orvis, which offers trips in about half the U.S. states as well as numerous other countries.


4. The gift of not doing
Let Dad have his weekends back this summer by signing up for lawn care service or hiring a handyman to complete the honey-do list. An Angie's List gift subscription can help you or Dad find his perfect replacement.



Most fathers have a favorite edible treat and getting Dad this type of gift is the perfect way to let him know how special he is. Plus, consumable gifts are environmentally friendly because there's nothing left to sit on a shelf collecting dust for years to come.


Photo: Fairytale Brownies

5. Monthly club
Popcorn of the month, wine of the month, steak of the month – there are so many options! Gift subscriptions are often available for terms of three months to one year. Fairytale Brownies sends a tower of goodies to Dad the first month then follows with a designated gift each of the other months.

Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky2

6. Feed his soft spot
Is there something Mom doesn't let Dad keep in the house because he tends to overindulge? Sneak him something he can keep at the office! If jerky is your dad's soft spot, Mountain America Jerky offers a wide selection from beef and buffalo to fish and alligator!


Photo: Allison's Gourmet

7. Vegan confections
Just because Dad's a vegan doesn't mean he should miss out on the sweet stuff. There are plenty of delicious treats available whether he loves cookies, caramels or chocolates. Allison's Gourmet has a variety of suggestions just for Dad.


Photo: Golden State Fruit

8. Fruit
If Dad's sweet tooth is satisfied with a juicy orange or a ripe pear, then fruit is the way to go to keep him healthy. Giving organic fruit makes this an even more thoughtful gift. Golden State Fruit offers a variety of organic fruit baskets with the freshest assortment available.


Photo: Birch Coffee

9. Coffee
Feed your father's quest for the perfect cup of coffee with a bag of roasted beans he can grind and brew himself. Birch Coffee obtains beans only from farms that sustainably grow and harvest their crops. The Cold Brew blend is perfect for iced coffee on a hot Father's Day afternoon!


Photo: Half Time

10. Beer
Dads and beer go together like burgers and fries. Next time he fires up the grill – whether to whip up some burgers or anything else – Dad can pick a beer from a basket created just for him. If he wants a healthier brew, try Half Time's Organic Beer Gift Basket.


Green gifts

When you really want to give Dad something he needs or wants, try to also make it something that's easy on the earth's resources.


Photo: Grill Dome

11. Ceramic grill
If Dad needs a new grill, consider one that gets the job done more efficiently. The Grill Dome can be used for everything from smoking to roasting and its thick ceramic construction retains heat better, allowing it cook faster and save fuel.


Photo: Allure Energy

12. Smart thermostat
Dad may not get control over the TV remote very often, but with a smart thermostat with Wi-Fi he can control his home's energy use any time he wants to save both energy and money. Allure Energy's EverSense® comes with a mobile app so Dad can adjust heating or air conditioning settings from anywhere. If there is a change of plans – such as when his family takes him out for a surprise dinner – he will have the tool he needs to get the job done.


Photo: Voltaic Systems

13. Solar-powered backpack
If Dad likes to take his gadgets with him when he hikes, bikes or camps, it would be good for him to have a way recharge them if they run out of power. Voltaic Systems offers different size solar chargers and packs so Dad will always be able to stay in touch.


Photo: Sprout

14. Eco-friendly watch
While it's getting easier to find many green goods, such as organic food and clothing, some are harder to come by. Watches, for example, are not usually made of recycled or recyclable materials. But Sprout offers dozens of rugged and stylish choices for Dad made of sustainable materials such as biodegradable corn resin, cork and bamboo.


Photo: Proof

15. Eco-friendly sunglasses
Likewise, sunglasses are usually made of plastic or metal, not sustainable or recycled materials. Now Dad can have a more environmentally friendly pair of sunglasses. One of Proof's more unique collections of sunglasses is made of skateboards, making the spring-loaded and water-resistant glasses very durable.

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