SOE BillboardsIf you've been driving through Dallas or Fort Worth lately, you've probably noticed our new billboards and phone number –      1-800-NEW-RATE!® is expanding its marketing presence beyond the Internet and has started exclusively with our home market – Dallas, TX. To help you understand our thought process, we decided to give you a backstage look at the drawing board. Take a peek at some behind-the-scenes sweat and brainstorming, as we explain how and why we came up with the idea.

Why a billboard? What in tarnation were we thinking?

First and foremost, everything is bigger in Texas. We figured that since we call the Lone Star State home, we had to go a bit bigger with our marketing practices. While we are happy to reach out to many of our loyal customers through email, blog posts, social media and our other online presences, we realized we should give commuters a way to take advantage of the expertise of without browsing on their smartphone while driving. That's where we got the idea for a billboard and 1-800-NEW-RATE.

Since the Dallas area is our home, we wanted to start expanding there and extend the special advertisement with an exclusive phone number to our hometown energy consumers. They can now see our billboards as they drive down I-35, Hwy 190, I-30, US-67 or the other Metroplex roads we're now above. It would be hard to miss us during your morning commute to the city, especially when you’re stuck in traffic on the way to the office!

How 1-800-NEW-RATE works

Just like calling in through the marketplace, 1-800-NEW-RATE will connect Dallas and Fort Worth energy consumers with one of our energy experts who can help them find a new rate. The cool thing about it is that this phone number is exclusive to residents in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With 1-800-NEW-RATE consumers still have access to all of the competitive supply rates from our partners and the phone number is easy to remember. So while you’re driving in Dallas and Fort Worth, don’t pick up your phone and search; instead, call 1-800-NEW-RATE to get in touch with one of our energy experts. We have more than 10 years’ experience helping Texas residents get an energy plan that meets their needs.


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