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Electricity Facts Label Explained

Gabriella Itzler | Jun 7, 2018

A Guide to understanding your deregulated electricity options An EFL, or Electricity Facts Label, is a required document that breaks down every aspect of a retail energy provider’s plan.

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New Electric Rates Take Effect for Philadelphia Area Customers on June 1

Colin Murray | Apr 25, 2014

New electric rates will take effect on June 1 at PECO, in the Philadelphia area, for customers who do not shop for a competing energy supplier. Read More

Electric Rates to Rise Sharply on June 1 at Pennsylvania FirstEnergy Utilities

Colin Murray | Apr 17, 2014

Commercial and residential electric rates at FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania utilities -- Met-Ed, Penelec, Penn Power, and West Penn Power -- will rise sharply for customers who continue to buy their electricity supply from their utility instead of shopping for a competing electric supplier. Read More

More Texans Now Able to Choose Their Electricity Provider

Colin Murray | Apr 10, 2014

Nearly 50,000 Texas electric customers can now shop for their electricity provider as competition is introduced into the former Cap Rock Energy service areas now owned by Sharyland Utilities. Read More

New York Electric Customers in Lower Hudson Valley to See Huge Spike in Capacity Prices

Colin Murray | Apr 3, 2014

New York electric customers in the Lower Hudson Valley will soon see a big jump in their electric bills -- due to the creation of a new "local capacity zone," which has doubled the capacity price for retail energy suppliers serving these customers. Read More

FirstEnergy Solutions to Add Surcharge to 2 Million Customers, Even Some on Fixed Rate Contracts

Colin Murray | Mar 27, 2014

Blaming exceptionally high ancillary service costs in the PJM market, FirstEnergy Solutions will be adding a surcharge to the bills of some 2 million of its 2.7 million electric customers, including many customers on fixed-priced electric contracts – and it has those customers furious. Read More

Spring Means Time for Texas Customers to Check Their Electric Rate, Shop for Savings

Colin Murray | Mar 20, 2014

With the official start of spring, it means it's time for Texans to check their electric rate, to see if they can save money with a lower rate before the summer heat starts and electricity prices start rising. Read More

Spring Weather Means Lower Natural Gas Rates for Georgia Customers

Colin Murray | Mar 13, 2014

The arrival of spring weather -- or at least a taste of it earlier in the week -- means it's time for Georgia natural gas customers at Atlanta Gas Light to shop around for a lower natural gas rate. Read More

Electric Competition Saved Illinois Customers $37 Billion

Colin Murray | Mar 6, 2014

Competition in the electric industry has saved Illinois customers $37 billion over the past 16 years, a recent report concludes. Read More

Texas Backs Away from Electric Market Changes Which Would Have Cost Customers Billions

Colin Murray | Feb 27, 2014

Responding to pressure from customers and politicians, the Texas Public Utility Commission has backed away from a radical market design change which would have forced all Texas electric customers to pay billions of dollars in unnecessary subsidies to power generators. Read More

It's Official: Businesses at PPL Facing 12% Rate Hike on March 1 If They Don't Shop for Power

Colin Murray | Feb 20, 2014

PPL Electric Utilities in Pennsylvania has published an official Price to Compare for small and mid-sized business customers which will take effect on March 1, and unless businesses shop for a competing electric supplier, they will pay 12% more for their electricity supply. Read More

Residential Customers in Central, Western Pennsylvania Facing Electric Rate Hike If They Don't Shop for Power

Colin Murray | Feb 6, 2014

Residential customers in Central and Western Pennsylvania who don't shop for a competitive electric supplier will pay more for electricity starting March 1. Read More

Electric Rates for Business Customers at PPL Electric Forecast to Rise on March 1

Colin Murray | Jan 31, 2014

Small and medium business customers at PPL Electric Utilities in Pennsylvania are projected to pay more for electricity starting March 1 if they continue to purchase their electricity supply from PPL instead of shopping for a competitive electric supplier. Read More

Electric Choice Helps Save Pennsylvania Residents $1,000 Annually

Colin Murray | Jan 23, 2014

The ability of Pennsylvania customers to choose their own electricity provider has helped Pennsylvania residents save on average $1,000 annually, a new Pennsylvania state energy plan concludes. Read More

Energy Choice Continuing to Spread Across U.S.; Competition to Expand in Illinois

Colin Murray | Jan 17, 2014

More and more states are recognizing the savings and benefits which come to customers when they allow customers to choose their energy provider, instead of forcing customers to buy their energy supply from the monopoly utility. Read More

Severe Winter Cold and Spiking Wholesale Electric Prices Mean It's Time to Shop

Colin Murray | Dec 18, 2013

The severe cold experienced by much of the country over the past few weeks serves as a good reminder that when customers are shopping for a low electric rate, they need to shop around and not just pick the first supplier that they see with a low rate. Read More

Data Shows Texas Customers Who Don't Shop Are Paying Too Much for Electricity

Colin Murray | Dec 12, 2013

Despite several upward pressures on energy prices, Texas residential electric rates remain near historic lows, and competition is holding back rate increases as competing providers seek to lure customers away from their competitors. Read More

Georgia Customers: Shop for Low Natural Gas Rate Before Winter Really Arrives

Colin Murray | Dec 9, 2013

With temperatures in the 70's, Georgia customers who heat their homes or businesses with natural gas might not be thinking about their monthly heating bill yet, but now is the time to save money before winter truly kicks in, by shopping for a competing natural gas supplier offering a low rate. Read More

Cyber Monday the Perfect Time to Shop for Lower Energy Rate; Pocket Big Savings

Colin Murray | Nov 27, 2013

With the holiday season starting, everyone could use some extra money in their pockets. Read More

It's Official: PPL Electric Rate for Small, Medium Businesses to Spike Over 20% on December 1

Colin Murray | Nov 21, 2013

Small and mid-sized business customers in Pennsylvania who buy their power supply from PPL Electric Utilities instead of choosing an alternative electric supplier will see a hike in their electric rate of over 20% on December 1, 2013. Read More

Changes Coming to Pennsylvania Electric Contracts

Colin Murray | Nov 15, 2013

Residential and small business electric customers in Pennsylvania will soon see changes in how contracts are presented to them by electric generation suppliers, who compete to offer customers electric rates lower than the utility. Read More