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Electricity Facts Label Explained

Gabriella Itzler | Jun 7, 2018

A Guide to understanding your deregulated electricity options An EFL, or Electricity Facts Label, is a required document that breaks down every aspect of a retail energy provider’s plan.

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Texas Electric Rates Due to Rise from Government-Mandated Changes to Market Design

Colin Murray | Nov 7, 2013

Texas electric customers are likely to see higher electric rates in the next year or so due to a decision from the state's Public Utility Commission (PUC) to require a "mandated reserve margin." Read More

Official Prices Confirm Electric Rate Hike for Philadelphia Area December 1

Colin Murray | Oct 31, 2013

The final "Price to Compare" information that has been newly posted for customers at PECO Electric in Philadelphia and nearby areas of Pennsylvania confirm that small and mid-sized business customers, and also residential customers, will see an increase in their electricity rate on December 1, unles... Read More

Central, Western Pennsylvania Businesses Facing Electric Rate Hike If They Don't Shop for Power

Colin Murray | Oct 24, 2013

Businesses in central and western Pennsylvania who are served by Penelec or West Penn Power are facing electric rate hikes starting December 1, 2013 unless they shop for an alternative supplier for their power supplies. Read More

New England Businesses Need to Shop Ahead of Forecasted Winter Price Spikes

Colin Murray | Oct 17, 2013

Businesses in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island looking to save money on their electric bill need to shop for a low rate now before cold weather sets in, as winter weather could trigger a repeat of last year's price spikes and volatility in the wholesale electric and ... Read More

Customers Across U.S. Increasingly Seeking Choice in Energy Provider

Colin Murray | Oct 9, 2013

Customers across the United States are increasingly seeking the ability to choose their electricity provider or natural gas supplier in order to lower their costs, achieve budget certainty, and choose cleaner energy. Read More

Large Rate Hike Forecast for Pennsylvania Businesses at PECO, PPL On December 1

Colin Murray | Oct 2, 2013

Small and medium-sized business customers in eastern Pennsylvania are projected to be hit with large electric rate hikes on December 1 if they continue to buy their power from their local utility, PECO or PPL, instead of shopping for a lower electric rate. Read More

End of Summer Means Time for Texans to Shop for Lower Electric Rate

Colin Murray | Sep 26, 2013

The end of summer means that it's time for Texas electric customers to check their energy rate, and to see if they can save money by shopping around for an electric provider offering a lower rate. Read More

Pennsylvania Businesses Paying Too Much for Electricity if Buying from Local Utility

Colin Murray | Sep 19, 2013

Commercial and industrial electric customers in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and other areas of Pennsylvania are paying too much for their electricity supply if they continue to buy power from their local utility, such as PECO, PPL, and Duquesne Light. Read More

Fall Brings Lower Natural Gas Rates to Georgia

Colin Murray | Sep 12, 2013

The end of summer has brought lower natural gas rates to Georgia, and customers should take the opportunity to shop now for a lower rate with®, before natural gas rates go up as the winter heating season begins. Read More

September Brings Nearly 10% Electric Rate Hike to Customers at PECO in Pennsylvania

Colin Murray | Sep 5, 2013

Residential customers at PECO in Philadelphia and surrounding areas who do not shop for a competing electric supplier saw a 10% hike in their electric rate on September 1, as a new Price to Compare was implemented. Read More

PPL Electric Residential Customers to See Rate Hike Sept. 1

Colin Murray | Aug 29, 2013

Residential customers of PPL Electric Utilities will see a higher than expected electric rate hike on September 1 if they continue to buy their power from the local utility, instead of shopping for a competitive electric supplier. Read More

Municipal Utilities Fund Pet Projects, Customers Pay

Colin Murray | Aug 22, 2013

Without Customer Choice, Municipal Utilities Seen as Cash Cows for Pet Projects; Offer Poor Customer Service Without electric competition disciplining electric rates, municipal electric utilities in Texas -- like CPS Energy in San Antonio and Austin Energy -- have become cash cows to fund pet cit... Read More

Texas Customers Who Shop Are More Satisfied Than Those with Utility

Colin Murray | Aug 16, 2013

Texas residential electric customers who have a choice in their retail electric provider are more satisfied than customers in areas of the state where customers do not have a choice in their electricity provider, J.D. Read More

Illinois Municipal Aggregation Savings Under Fire

Colin Murray | Aug 12, 2013

Illinois cities and towns engaged in opt-out municipal aggregation -- under which the city switches every customer's electric supplier to the city-chosen supplier unless the customer opts out -- are increasingly seeing rates rise above the local utility's electric rate, even as savings are still ava... Read More

No Relief from High Rates Forecast for PPL Customers

Colin Murray | Aug 9, 2013

Residential and commercial electric customers who continue to buy their power supply from PPL Electric Utilities -- instead of shopping with an alternative electric supplier -- are not expected to see any rate relief in the fall, when PPL updates its electric rate. Read More

Texans Protest Electric Rate Hike at Utility Without Customer Choice

Colin Murray | Aug 5, 2013

Although most Texans have the power to choose their electricity provider under the competition that has been introduced into the state's electric industry, many areas of Texas have not opened up to electric choice, depriving customers of the lower rates and better service that comes from choice. Read More

Residential Electric Rate due to Rise for Philadelphia Area Customers

Colin Murray | Jul 24, 2013

Residential electric customers at PECO in Philadelphia and surrounding areas are expected to see a rate hike on September 1, which is the next time the PECO Price to Compare will change. Read More

Texas Electric Rates on the Rise, But Still a Good Bargain in Face of Higher Price Caps

Colin Murray | Jul 12, 2013

Texas customers may have noticed electric rates have slowly crept upward over the past few months, but it's not just the normal summer price spikes driving the increase. Read More

Celebrate Freedom by Choosing Lower Electric Rate

Colin Murray | Jul 4, 2013

This Independence Day, celebrate freedom by exercising your freedom to choose lower electric or natural gas rates from a competing energy supplier. Read More

Shopping With Municipal Aggregation Could Actually Leave You Stranded on Utility Rate for a Year

Colin Murray | Jun 27, 2013® has previously showed that the savings touted by municipal aggregations -- programs in Illinois and other states under which a city or town selects everyone's electricity supplier -- aren't any higher (and can often be lower) than the savings available when customers shop around i... Read More