This Independence Day, celebrate freedom by exercising your freedom to choose lower electric or natural gas rates from a competing energy supplier.

In many states, like Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois and over a dozen more, customers have the freedom to choose their electric and/or natural gas supplier, and can shop among competing companies the way customers shop for gasoline, milk, and cellular service.

It's a revolution recently brought to the 100-year old utility industry long dominated by monopolies, which didn't give customers the right to choose.

Now, in many states, competition has been introduced into the electric and natural gas industries, ending monopolies and allowing new entrants to compete for your business.

This competition brings you lower energy rates, but to maximize your savings, you need to take advantage of your new freedom and actively shop around for the best rate and energy provider.

The power of competition makes finding a low electric rate or natural gas rate quick and easy.  Take advantage of your freedom to choose by getting the best energy companies to compete head-to-head for your business.

Although much has changed in the utility industry, choosing a new energy provider won't change anything about your service, aside from lowering your bill.  The delivery of electricity and natural gas is still the responsibility of the traditional utilities, who have gotten out of the supply business and now focus on energy delivery.  As such, the utilities don't care if you shop for your energy from another provider, and they actually encourage you to find the best deal.

Choosing a new energy supplier doesn't change anything about the delivery of power or gas into your home; the utilities still deliver your energy over the same wires and pipes, the same as always.  There is no change in outage restoration time or emergency response; the utilities continue to treat all customers equally regardless of whether they shop.

In fact, it's the law that they have to, as their delivery service is still regulated by the public utility commission.

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