In the old days, it took a long time for Texas businesses to shop for the cheapest electric rate. They had to call dozens of energy suppliers, wait for quotes, and research each company's viability and service. The process was also confusing, with different types of products and prices. Ultimately, business owners had to make somewhat of a blind choice for something that takes up a big chunk of their budgets.

Fortunately, revolutionized the process of buying electricity for business owners with its unique commercial retail exchange portal, which makes shopping for the best electric rate as simple as a click of the mouse. The online clearinghouse puts businesses in charge and allows them to leverage the power of competition to get the cheapest electric rate without having to devote dozens if not hundreds of hours to sifting through offers and researching energy providers . Instead, does all the legwork, vets the suppliers, and allows them to compete directly for a commercial customer's business. Thousands of Texas businesses have saved on their electric bills thanks to

Here's how it works. Texas business owners just log onto and enter their business and usage information, taking just a few seconds. The information is delivered in real-time to several, pre-screened electric companies who then evaluate the information and contact the customer directly. With electric companies competing head-to-head and contacting customers directly, it cuts down on the time it takes to start saving money on electricity.'s retail exchange portal allows business customers to shop on their own terms, anytime day or night. They don't have to have employees step away from ringing the cash register, helping customers, or answering the phone to call energy suppliers for individual quotes during business hours, then spend time researching each supplier's reputability and financial stability. Business owners can instead shop at their leisure, even after hours, knowing that the energy providers on are screened so only reputable suppliers with cheap electric rates, innovative products, and high levels of customer service will be competing for their business. offers a convenient way for businesses to find the right electric company at the right price. Its retail exchange portal allows business owners to request special product features or customized products, such as electric plans lasting a specific length of time, or products with green energy. Customers can compare a variety of offers, from fixed price plans to variable rate plans, to see what's the best deal for them.

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