Electricity prices for commercial customers are starting to break in Texas, and business owners are seeing the cheapest electric rate offers made in the past three months. That makes it a good time to lock in a fixed price electricity plan at SaveOnEnergy.com , where commercial customers can get competing price quotes from various energy suppliers with just one click of the mouse.

It's all because the price of natural gas, which is one of the main drivers of retail electric prices, has fallen nearly 30% from a peak of $13.57/MMBtu June 30. That means energy suppliers can charge cheaper rates for electricity, and are starting to trim their prices. While it varies by energy provider and product, some offers have been cut by 5-10%. A few of the higher-priced plans have fallen more, up to a nickel from where they were just a month ago.

But like with gasoline prices or airline tickets, falling prices often start as a trickle, as energy providers try to determine how low they should go. The big drops come when competitive pressure revs up, and one electric company cuts its rates a little more than everyone else, prompting competitors to follow suit, or lose out on new customers.

Customers can accelerate this process and get cheaper electric rates now by forcing electric companies to compete for their business, and by demanding that suppliers match and undercut each others quotes. The quickest and easiest way for business owners to have that happen is by using SaveOnEnergy.com to get custom price quotes from energy suppliers competing head-to-head.

SaveOnEnergy.com's exclusive commercial retail exchange portal is the only place where Texas business owners can get electric rate quotes from various competing electric companies with one click of the mouse. Commercial customers simply enter their business and usage information, and the data is then delivered real-time to each of the competing energy suppliers . The suppliers then evaluate the information and contact the customer directly, drastically reducing the complexity and time required for business owners to get price quotes from competing suppliers. SaveOnEnergy.com makes it simple for business owners to take advantage of today’s cheaper electric rates .

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